Gas Monkey Garage Is Looking For A Skilled Mechanic! Help Wanted

Gas Monkey Garage is looking for a skilled mechanic to work behind the scenes.  The ideal candidate’s skill-set needs to be diverse and span across all makes, models and years, you need to come with your own tools and be ready to work (no on the job training, no shade tree mechanics).  If you think you have what it takes, fill in your name, e-mail and attach your resume below.

Good luck!



  1. Hiya Richard my name is shaun I am 40 years old. I live in the UK. I am a massive fan of you and all your workers. I Love the stuff you do. Could you please give me a shout out on your show please. From 1 of your biggest fans

  2. I love your show i’m a jack of all trades and a master of none I would love to work for you in the background but I must say I’ve washed or so show since day one

  3. Hay Richard I am a huge fan of the show and If I was old enofe to get a job at gas monkey I would love to work for you but sadly i am in New Zealand and still in school but since I started to watch your show I have gotten into classic and sports cars. Any way hope you get a good mechanic and hopefully when i am old enfoe to get a job i would to move to Dallas in a hart beet just to worck at gas monkey.

  4. I love your show, too bad you don’t have a job opening for receptionist. My father was a mechanic, too bad I didn’t follow his footsteps.

  5. Hey richard im a fam of the shop im a master paint and body man i build custom cars truck hot rods i so air ride and alot of other stuff im from longview tx i have work for alot of custom shops was at killer ridez and then i was at G.A.C i was offer a job at garage Junkies in tyler i would love to work for yall

  6. Hello Mr Rawlins, I’m Mark Hawkins. I’ve been a auto tech for 40+ years and really have enjoyed your show since it first aired. I have much experience and technical expertise, awards and achievements in the industry. Problem is right now I’m going through cancer treatments to try to keep me alive. If I can regain my heath I would apply formally for this position as my qualifications and achievements speak for themselves. Again I enjoy the show very much and hope you keep doing what you are doing. I’m concentrating on trying to heal from this horrible disease.

  7. Look I am Kenny I can build anything from ground up I am a legend in my area there is nothing I can’t do you want to know more you contact me I let myself show my worth I dream bigger then you an build biger Richard haha i have worked with an learned from many an created my own style call me don’t b a dick

  8. Welding certificate, 10+ years of mechanics. Tool and machinery knowledge, love to setup an interview, I’m 2hr north and will relocate.

  9. I love the show from day one and thanks for the experation that I need to feel good and keep restoring those cars to their former glory thanks for expiring me.

  10. Those of you saying hire me this is my experience please read the above info. Attach resume and fill out info and they will get back to you.. Sadly I don’t watch the show anymore, would love to join ya for a beer sometime, best of luck & Mark Hawkins prayers for u buddy as you whip cancers ass..

    • Very well put. I was going to say about same thing. What’s funny is that most of them obviously can’t read and follow simple directions let alone spell correctly. Lol

  11. I have been fixing cars my whole life fixed everything from KW’s to mini bikes have been in Collision repair for the past 18 years also doing my own mechanical and helping my dad on the side to keep his rig on the road would like a chance to show u what i have to offer sighned . mechanicaly cursed

  12. Been watching your show since aired.. Love it. Love your passion. Love your spirit. Thank you.. I live with one of the best mechanics in horn lake Mississippi..but I don’t think he would ever move..he enjoys his job here as he has expanded to diesel engines in eavy equipment now..but gosh I wish he would be open to consider it. We have lived here for too long and I work for a freight company that has a terminal there.. I would love it. Dreaming..but good luck and I know you will find the right guy. Thanks Richard. 🙂

  13. Fun show to watch. Too bad you never responded to my inquiries, email- text, about giving you a personal tour of Ron Pratts collection 2 years ago. Fortunately you did resound to Dale Jr. I had an all access pass to a very special collection including a dragster that you were looking for. Maybe next time?

  14. Soy mexicano hace poco me mude a texas forth worth ce mecanica y tengo experiensia en el mercadeo de compra y venta de veiculos me encantaria travajar y aprender de ti no importa el dinero sino lo que puedo aprender gracias richard..

  15. Siempre entrego el 100% en cualquier cosa que hago puedo ayudarte en la relacion latina ce relaciones publicas compra y venta de veiculos 7 años de experiencia y te juro que soy leal. Sincero travajador y amigable con ganas de crecer laboralmente.

  16. Greetings!

    I am a highly-professional tinting specialist with a 15-years experience in the auto tuning industry. Through these years I have been working in different companies, located in huge Russian cities (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg)and Manila Philipines as well as dealt with an own auto atelier, that provides services in car tinting, auto vinyl wrapping services, application of protecting films etc.

    For a while I have been dreaming of working in one of the auto-oriented companies abroad,in USA. Currently, I am actively searching for a vacancy in this industry, where I can realize my big potential and contribute my professional skills and knowledge in the area that I love the most.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Best regards,
    Minin Viktor

  17. I think the girl was right you need a hott woman on the show. I’ll gladly be your girl if your down? Love the show, love you Richard. I’m heading to Dallas in June I’ll see you then.

  18. Hey Richard I’m a professional and very talented auto repair technician good at fabricating and can repair any car. Very wide range of experience from working on model a to current your models. Give me a shot you will be amazed at my ability and talent. 38 years experience in the automotive. I grew up in the shop my father was a professional technician Houston Texas. Have more tools and you can imagine and very hard-working very fast production

  19. dear Richard, of gas Monkey garage Fan, I came to your brought you want but you was there, I had a car for you to look at, I’ve been a mechanic for many years third-generation, now retard, am a big fan of the show, I build custom show car, I live in round rock Texas,

  20. love the show was interested in job but took one at ford dealer in sarasota fl u will find a good replacement for arron just take your time pick the right guy for u love show big fan

  21. Hi Gas Monkey Garage, i live in Roma. I have a car repair shop ( autofficina ) where i install NITRO , i free the engines giving more power to it.
    I Italy we can’t do what we deserve with our cars ( for safety says the government). I could move suddently to Texas…. also starting as car washer…..I really love Garage Monkey

  22. I know you guys are extremely freakin busy, and I was wondering how the vetting process was going on the the resumes you have received and if you will be replying to those of us that have submitted for the GMG mechanic position.

    Thank you for your time and keep the press!

    USN (ret)

  23. Hello Richard, I would like to be part of your team, I am an expert in motors, skill with metals and handling tools and work in your workshop would be a dream come true, a small problem alive in venezuela caracas sur america greetings [email protected]

  24. I am told by some engineers at GM Tech Center that I’m one of the best they’ve seen when it comes to electrical and driveability issues. I’ve been working with and in cars for longer than I want to say but let’s just say decades.
    I am in process of closing my shop as I finally was able to get out of lease contract that I should have never signed in the 1st place. (Learn something new every day) Anyway, I have my own tools, actually an entire shops worth, stay on top of technology when talking about OEs. I have not had the time to do a resume as I’ve been working 6-7 days a week for past 3 yrs (not afraid to earn my check).
    Any interest, please text me or message or email, etc.

  25. Could you tell me what it takes to become a mechanic for your show. It has been a life long dream of mine to work for you. I have been going to car shows since i was born. I was raised with cars all over. Thanks Destiny Simon.

  26. Hay Richard.I am Rizwan From Pakistan.I am a big fan of the show and If I get a job at gas monkey I love to work with you but sadly i am in Lahore,Pakistan. I have passed Mechanical Engineering (hons) in August 2014.I worked as a Mechanical Engineer Maintenance.I love to repair and modify the machines in short time.Any time ready for to achive new and given tasks by my incharge.In short i wana join your team and work with your team in friendly envoirment.

  27. Hey Monkey! If your ever around Tuscaloosa AL let me know! Love the show and it’s amazing what you and your employee’s get accomplished! People who haven’t been hands on like I have, have no clue what all goes on to the work yall get finished. Great quality and bottom line…bad ass. Have a good one brother and yall be safe.

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