The Gas Monkey Holy Grail Firebirds to Be Auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017

JD Pass is set to auction off the Gas Monkey Garage“Holy Grail Firebirds” at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017 

The two “Holy Grail Firebirds” the Gas Monkey Garage crew restored on a past episode of Fast N’ Loud will be auctioned off at no reserve this weekend at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale by Richard Rawlings’ friend and auction regular, JD Pass. JD bought the cars from Richard once the Firebirds were restored to his liking. Both cars will be sold as a pair on Saturday January 21st lot #1377 and #1377.1. Richard, JD and Dennis Collins are fired up for this weekend and are confident the competition for these cars will be strong.


For a little refresher, Richard bought the cars from Chuck Aleksinas, a former basketball star from University of Kentucky, UCONN and the Golden State Warriors. Gas Monkey Garage completed a ground-up restoration, led by Jason Aker, who Richard hired due to his extensive experience completing concours-quality restorations. As stated in a prior article on, when Pontiac introduced the Firebird in ’67, they promoted five distinct models and called them the “Firebird Magnificent Five.” These two Firebirds are two original show cars that made up the Magnificent Five, serial numbers 100001 and 100002, built at the Pontiac Lordstown, OH, assembly plant in early 1967.





The first Firebird is the 326 Convertible, painted in its original Regimental Red with cruise control, deluxe interior package in red and a very rare floor-mounted clock. The second Firebird is a four-speed High Output Coupe in Silverglaze and is also the first HO car built with a factory-mounted tachometer, Rally II wheels and deluxe black interior. Both vehicles have also been certified by Jim Mattison of Pontiac Historic Services and according to PHS, these two cars are the most significant Firebirds ever produced and a huge piece of GM and automotive history.



These Firebirds were supposed to sell at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas last year, but a delay on the auction block caused a change in plans. Right before the Firebirds were due to cross the stage, the electronic transmission on the car in front of the Firebirds — a 1970 Chevelle Custom Coupe — locked up on the block causing a 20-minute delay. The delay not only took the excitement out of the room at Mandalay Bay, but also with online and phone bidders. Therefore, when the Firebirds hit the block, they didn’t meet reserve. JD and the team at Barrett-Jackson decided to give the cars their proper due by selling them at no reserve at the bigger event in Scottsdale this weekend.


In addition to being one of Richard’s closest friends, JD is a true renaissance man, boasting a resume that includes asset management, auctioneer, rodeo promoter, classic car collector and race car driver. JD races Super Late Models on the dirt track and holds a fastest lap record for that class at Whynot Motorsports Park in Whynot, Mississippi. Check out JD crashing and getting T-boned by another car 5 minutes into this video below.

JD also promotes and has competed in XETC, or Extreme Elapsed Time Championships, which is essentially a drag racing style calf-roping competition that pits two World Class cowboys side by side in the same arena for prize money upwards of $50K – $100K.

JD in red.

We’re looking forward to an exciting weekend and JD selling these two amazing Firebirds to a deserving classic car collector or museum.




  1. my husband watches gas monkey he recently had surgery colon cancer now has to have chemo and radiation . we luv watching the show he just wishes he had his school car 57 chev copper sparkle penny color . this really gets his mind off his condition . we have a journey ahead. he has a colonostmy bag which will be reversible thank god we will continue to watch and dream maybe one day. we live in Anson Texas just about 2 1/2 hrs away. 325-665-2469

    • I to have cancer stage 4 lymphoma spread to lung pelvis hip no longer can walk gas monkey takes my mind of my condition was given 6 months to live in november.dream car 65 shelby cobra maybe one god bless one and all.

  2. The photo of JD Pass roping the steer is not a drag style roping event. What they are doing is Team Roping. JD is roping the head of the steer and turns his horse to the left with the steer being dragged behind his horse while the other man ropes the steers feet. The two men are roping as a team not against each other.

    • Yes, GMG sold the firebirds to JD pass. They were supposed to be featured in a museum, but the museum was never completed due to financial reasons. So JD decided to sell the birds at Barrett.

  3. I saw online the two Firebirds sold as a package for $235,000 at Barrett Jackson. JD paid GMG $650,000 for the two cars. Am I crazy or did he just lose a $400,000 gamble by not putting a reserve on the auction?

  4. Once again you at gmg took my reply off. This time when i got back from London. Do you have the guts to post my 4 prior posts again? Maybe the truth hurts? TGT

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