Gas Monkeys Read Mean Tweets About Them

Yes, we stole this idea from Jimmy Kimmel. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? We seriously love our Facebook fans and Twitter followers, but every now and then we get some tweets and posts from our HATERS. I guess you can’t have lovers without the haters! We had some of the monkeys read some of the mean tweets and posts from our fans for your enjoyment.


  1. That’s some funny shit. I think you guys all rock and the haters are just a bunch of whinny asses because they aren’t on TV. Keep the shows coming that’s what makes Mondays a good day of the week.

  2. Richard….. would like to give you some of my eyes on wheels…. I been there done that,,,, have a sweet…. I mean sweet 70′ Challenger R/T for ya…. matching numbers.. price is always right when you “Deal with Doug” hope to hear from you soon I may have more for ya………….715 410 2367

  3. I can’t imagine there is any space for haters in a A Gas Monkey World. You guys have just saved me as an expat here in the UK for the last ten years and now HATING IT! I miss the USA waaaay baaaad the Gas Monkey Troop of Monkets has me laughing and lovin’ those old car restorations. It’s like 45 minutes of being home again. That and my wife just LOOOOVES Richard! Damn, boy! Whaaaaasssuuup with that? Whatever…you can have her. I’d rather be drinking beer with AA-Ron and the other Monkeys anyway. Woman are just too much damned trouble, and cars you can fix, shut off and leave them in the garage overnight. Anyway, screw the haters, I love the Monkey!

  4. Love the show, and have watched it from the beginning. These pissy little bitches and their snide comments aren’t worth even reading. Constructive criticism is one thing, this is another. It’s easy to criticize and post stupid comments from your Mom’s basement like they do. Keep up the Monkey business guys!

  5. I only got into your show a few weeks ago while I was recovering from surgery. Wow! I have watched very episode available in the uk now, thanks to satellite tv’s catch up service, and am totally hooked. Your format is a-1, works and above all the team there know just how to work to a TV audience. Trouble is, when you are successful, you attract jealousy from those who can’t make it and the way they deal with their inadequacies is to use hate mail and try to bring you down to their level. It won’t work, The Monkey shall rise above.

  6. Just got back from Texas, stopped at the Gas Monkey Bar and Grille … And made a trip to the garage the next day to pick up some T-shirts for the fans back home, and check out the red ElCamino (sad it was sold). Everyone was so nice, at both places. Special thanks to Tony for taking the time to show us a few cars, and KC for taking a minute to say hello.

  7. Am not a gearhead but like cars and your show. Your business style and methods are just what it takes to succeed in that world. And most of all, you guys never take yourselves too seriously.

    As for the Haters, they are a part of the world but, we all have choices and I choose to not listen to the haters. Problem solved. GMG is the one and only television program I refuse to miss. Thanks.

  8. Hey Richard how come that douche backed out on the Shelby’s? I am from Minnesota and that pissed me off. Next time you are in the frozen tundra I have a Lite with your name on it. Sweet show.

  9. Greeetings from Sweden.We totally loves your show. Me the wife, began first to check out your show a boring saturdayafternoon,later i got the hubbie to Watch and now we are totally hooked and DIG your Gas Monkey possey. I have checked out the White Ford Fairlane 500 1959 still for sale back here in Sweden. Wish so hard i had the Money so we could own the car. I wonder if your Contact Magnus ever have told you about two big meets we have every year here in Sweden?? In the summer . Ask him about Big Power Meet in Västerås and Classic Car Week in my neighberhood a Little village called Rättvik. I proomise you the cars you can see here in the summertime would totally blow your mind away!!!! You should sinserly consider to take Quick trip over the Atlantic. Otherwise I would gladly be your beerassistant any time .Lots of love to the gas monkey possey. You rule!!!!

  10. If only restoration projects in the UK (Wales) were as un-rusted (rotten) as your US toys, I would have Teg Monkey Garage Wales, UK. You guys rock!! Keep up the good work! Hugs, Teg and Jo Jo. :0) x

  11. I am so happy there is a show like yours on the air. I only wish you would make more bikes though. I understand you specialize in cars an all but I still love to see another FRED!



    • He’s swapping the engine and fuel system in it. It’s getting a 5.0 Coyote motor with a supercharger and an Aeromotive fuel system and tank.

  13. Hey there! Whats up?
    First of all, I would like to recognize that you are amazing… All those things that you are doing!
    I would like a lot to can have a photo with an autograph from Richard Rawlings!

  14. Hey GMG got to visit your location last week! Opps do not park across the street those folks are a little sensitive in the backside about parking…did not see the no trespass sign…threaten to tow me, go ahead my car is junk anyway, could be I was blinded by good looks of the blonde at the front counter. Very friendly staff you got there and can tell you all have a lot of fun. Hey find and buy my 1969 SS Impala 427 I triple monkey dare you! I will buy it from you if you find it if reasonable! Still got the original window sticker! Ha!

  15. Hi, my dad and I love your show, every friday my dad screams your signature woooo!!!! Anyway, I totally love your show but what’s super sad is none of my friends know of Fast n Loud (losers!)
    PS: I live in South Africa and I’m 12 years old
    PPS: my dad wants to grow his beard as long as Aaron’s

  16. if I send a 1953 pickup no rust has primer no dents it runs but I want your guys to check it out and do arrons majic plenty power badass paint job all glass is good to if you do and have a car in louisiana you need hauled I can bring it also I have plenty room.

  17. I enjoy your show and it’s go to see you saving some cool cars from rusting away and puting them back on the road….growing up in the 60’s you help me relive my love of muscle cars in that era. I was living close to the area (Jonesboro Ga.) where Smoky and the Bandit was filmed and I got to see Hal Needham and Burt Reynolds on the set plus several of the Bandit Transams, good times. Thanks for the Smoky and the Bandit episode, that was fun watching.

  18. Ill liketo meet gas monkeys becues I have Dun band stuff I ret my dad truck and it is a 79 chevy step sind me and him bit it I like to billed cars and iam on prbashin and I whish I see them please email me


  20. NOT a hater just a mother of a 15 yr old who influences easy, normally I do not permit him to watch shows with bad language but for the most part you monkey’s keep the show pretty clean and I so appreciate it. Just cautioning that here are younger viewers watching. My son Trey’ thinks Arron is awesome! Richard you have the beat business sense and my husband and son both love your passion for old cars. They both got me started watching! LOVE IT

  21. first off let me say that the show is a breath of fresh air in a world of crappy reality tv’s great to see a group of people come together and rebuild real Detroit iron instead of buying a cookie cutter car to fit in with the masses.also,Richard you are a example of how working your ass off with like minded people can get the job done of living the American dream.i can only hope that my business of rebuilding cars reaches the level of success Gas Monkey has.the world belongs to those who dare to live their dreams and make them reality! Rock and roll and beer for everyone!!!

  22. hey Richard–i saw a guy at a vintage bike show in hendersonville,N.C. 4/26. who was telling people, he was the original gas monkey.. lol! just wondering if it was really you or just a poser???

  23. Been watching since it first aired. Don’t see how people can be such haters!! Love the show and all who make it possible… Haters gonna hate. You know RR is laughing all the way to the bank.. wish every one of y’all nothing but the best and hope there are many seasons to come.

  24. Hi guys, a greeting from your biggest Italian fan. Your show is fantastic and funny, I do not miss any episode. I live in the country where are built Ferrari and Lamborghini, but I love old american muscle car and Hot Road. Keep it up!! (sorry for my english).

  25. hey Guys,
    Ive got a 1970 chevelle you might be interested is in prime already and I have 85% new parts for this car.I have just had my sixth back surgery and cant work on it anymore.this is going to be a gym for somebody.has new motor,new tranny and the majority of the new parts to put it back together.sorry to see it go but I cant do anymore to it.I am asking 15000.00 but am open to offers.this car is gonna be BADASS when finished and probably double your number is 256-820-2749 or name is SCOTT come and get it brother! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hey Richard you live in TX and so do I. You said you hate the country when you were picking up the Jaguar and your nice Caddie. Mosquitoes are attracted to hair spray and gel so when you go to the “country” don’t get dolled up n throw a cap on your head.

  27. i find that the show to be a very interesting show and they do come up with some really great rides.Richard is a sharp business person with a keen eye for good tin.AARON is a great self taught guy and a nice guy to talk too.Although i have made certian judgement calls on Richard , i think id like to spend a couple of days around him to get to know him better.M

  28. It sucks that I live in Indiana and not in Texas because I have a truck that I want to show you it’s a ’79 Ford F-150 ranger with a 429 cobra jet in it. It is loud and fun. email me if you want a few pics.

  29. This is my favorite show on TV and to all of the GMG haters out there screw… you… I wish I lived in Texas and not in Indiana cause I want to show you my truck that I got for my 15 birthday it’s a ’79 ford F-150 ranger w/ a 429 cobra jet in it. It’s loud, fun, and fast. I am wanting to save up a bunch of money and take it down there email me if you want some pics.

  30. Hi To all the monkeys AS sue would say.
    Would love to See you give the guys at Occ
    A hard time again.the cake was cool.
    Keep the episodes coming. More of you guys a day would be cool.
    Keep up the coolness
    Cheers from Austria

  31. Enjoyed show thought u were loyal to people helped u get started but looks like u left sue out to dry done with show u bitch about her price and pay someone else double not very loyal

  32. Gidday Mate, from Australia, down under… Cool show, great work & personalities in the garage.

    Keep up the great work – congrats & good work on all your success to date.

    Will throw a shrimp on the barbie for ya.

  33. What’s up Monkeys,
    Hey where is K.C’s place? How far from shop and how did you find him?
    He mentioned how quiet is was at his place on the pink Caddie build, just wondering.

  34. Don’t worry about the haters monkeys, they probably knock everything they are not involved in. I started having some pretty serious Gas Monkey withdrawals when I sold my house down south and didn’t have access to pay TV for near on 6 months, but I have now and suddenly the world is a much better place. Rock on Monkeys.

  35. I thought the garage business was to fix cars and if you decide to flip some great but you really got top get rid of your biggest expense! I know that you know that I’m talking about that bearded wonder that couldn’t pass the first semester in an auto class in school!!!!! Get a real master mechanic and you will really have fun and make lots&lots of money fixing things the other idiot made you junk!!!!

  36. I have a great idea for a killer ride need help to chop the top on a envoy with third roll seat but keeping it with the 4wd that it is

  37. I say screw the haters! You all have a unique vision for your builds and that is what I like about the show! I never know what to expect. Keep up e great work!

  38. I am a gear head and love the show if you boys ever get to the Missoula Montana area would love to show you our 73 camaro with the 70 front clip pearl white with candy apple stripes very sweet car you guys keep up the good work

  39. GMG is f#%*ing awesome.All of you guys are great! I actually can’t stand all these new car shows that keep starting on TV.everyone wants to be like you!!! Anyhow..great when the hell are you gonna come to Pittsburgh,PA? I don’t know that I would ever get the chance to come see you guys and eat an chill at the bar n grill..gee that would b too dam cool., since I can’t get to you..come to me in Pittsburgh .there some kickass car shows at the David Lawrence Convention Center.. Google it!! Come here and see us..there’s so many fans around here.every single person I know loves you guys..aanndd…it would be the coolest turnout you could imagine…if you know anything about the Pittsburgh Steelers..we got the truest bluest loyal fans would be an honor for you to come!!!! kids are 12 and 14,,an the boys LOVE it!! Really..RR.your wife is one lucky women..All of you seem to be really good people.. And its not all about guys have fun.and always make me laugh..c’mon…come to PA…..please!?!?! With all that being said….keep up the awesome,,Everything! Really I would be stoked to hear you guys are wouldn’t take much but a short flight an a day here!!!! Bring some t-shirts an hoodies!! I love this an let me tell ya.I am not a TV person an now I am a GMG junkie..unreal… guys def got it goin screw the haters..misery loves company right? Keep up the greatness..all of you!! Love ya all.Shelly an cmon up to the Burgh!!

    • If it’s a car we want, we would have gotten back to you. That’s what our auto-reply email says. We read every email every day, and when we see a car we want, we reply right away. We can’t reply to all of the emails, which is why we have an auto reply email set up. If we replied to every email of cars we didn’t want, we’d never get to all of the emails.

  40. Love your show Richard. You kick ass. Love the cars and the process. But most of all, I dig the sense of fun you guys have which is pretty freakin’ necessary considering the state of the world and the state of people these days. The haters can suck a bag of monkeys.

    Meanwhile, here’s a song I wrote with Brandon and recorded by “Anchored” called “Dirty in Texas” thought you might like it man. Cheers!

  41. I absolutely love to watch the show. The guys are great and I can’t believe how talented they all are. I think Richard and Aaron are a perfect combination and enjoy how they come up with solutions on the cars they are working on. My wife and I are planning on coming to Dallas on March 16-17 and see the garage and grill. We are from Hutchinson, MN and can’t wait to get there. I also have a 1997 Sebring convertible that I wouldn’t mind driving down and having you guys do some work on it. Maybe I can get an estimate when I get there.

  42. Man did Big Chief hand you guys your ASSMonkey!!! They Built a car from scrap parts in 8 days that ran away from your Chrysler sponsored, “Unlimited Budget”, rule breaking ass. Stick to Air bags and losing money at auction and leave racing for the racers.

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