Gas Monkey Cars at Worldwide Auctioneer’s Auburn Auction August 30

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be in Auburn, Indiana! If you’ll be in the area, come see some of our cars at Worldwide Auctioneers Auburn Auction this Saturday. Here’s what we’ll have up on the block:


Richard and Dennis are selling:

1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster

Lot 51

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.34.36 PM

Click image for more date, time and address on Worldwide Auctioneers Website


1970 Porsche 911S Targa

Lot 40

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.37.04 PM

Click image for more date, time and address on Worldwide Auctioneers Website



Dennis is selling:

1964 1/2 Ford Mustang K-Code Convertible (The ‘Holy Grail Mustang’ as seen on Fast N’ Loud)

Lot 53

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.29.25 PM

Click image for more date, time and address on Worldwide Auctioneers Website



1951 Nash-Healey Roadster (as seen on Fast N’ Loud)

Lot 57

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.41.35 PM

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  1. Best of luck guys!! Hope you’re putting reserves on these beauties. Wishing you 6 figure bids! Don’t spend all your winnings on buying more cars; save some for Miller Lite, champagne & tequila. Have fun!! ;-D

  2. Im flyin in from Germany to go to James Dean Days in Fairmount Indiana, and Gas City. Bikers are meeting in Jonesboro. Want me to bring a few German beers with me? Don’t have an assistant though LOL. Take care and if you get a chance check it out! Some awesome cars are always there! Ciao Brian

  3. Hey Richard,if ya ever make it to the atlanta area,,,we always have plenty of miller lite in the frig,u guys are more than welcome at our home any time!always enjoy the show!Good luck!regards chris and connie hamlet

  4. Did you end up buying the roadster? The livestream broadcast image was dark couldn’t tell what happened? Love the Chevelle – next build?

  5. Craigs list in Savannah GA has one of Gas Monkeys Trucks listed. Wow neat. The seller says it was too much power for his son to handle. I enjoy the show and like all characters.
    Good to see success with your product Richard.

    If you are ever in Savannah GA your are invited to dinner, like to meet you. PS have a friend that has a 65 Galaxy 500.

  6. I felt Dennis’ pain on that sale. Ouch! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; he should have taken the money & run! Based on what he thought it was worth; didn’t he put a reserve on it?

  7. Great show, love to watch. Looks like Dennis should have taken the 200,000.00 for the mustang. If everything works out right, would like to have you do a car for me. Will contact you when I’m ready. good luck in your deals. If you ever get up to the U.P. of Mich. send me a note.

  8. How do I submit a ride for ya’ll to check out…. I dont have farce-book, and your [email protected] link just tells me to go there. But i do have a rare (I say rare cuz i dont see them anywhere) 65 dodge panel in pretty good condition hit me up u got my email


  10. I did not get to see the end of the show that featured the 1964-1/2 Convertible Mustang you guys bought from the little old lady in Minnesota but I certainly hope you guys do the right thing if this cars brings a fortune, which it very well may do, and give that woman a large share of the profit that you make on the sell of that car. I am not saying that you should not make a profit but come on guys.
    I was hoping to see you make her that kind of deal on the show, you may have tried I don’t know,but please don’t miss the chance to be a blessing to someone.
    Sure enjoy the show guys, May God Bless you Greatly !
    Dale Ferguson, Gun Barrel City, Texas ( of course )

  11. Bom,sou brasileiro apaixonado por carros.em breve quero ter a oportunidade di ver a transformaçao de um Dog Ran gabine simples..quem sabe até mesmo conpralo aguardo retorno…é isso rinchard roy rowlings,anteciosamente jardel santos cidade de belo horisonte no Brasill

  12. Hey RR, shout out from just south of Tulsa, quick personal question, don’t know if you’ll answer but what do they say “never know if you don’t ask”?. Looked ur bio, thinking did the dude sell cars in the Dallas area and whatnots. Seen several things/sites that listed you as a “Actor”. Aspiring or Pro? Thought the GM deal was you and Arron’s deal. Kind of confused, don’t get me wrong lol not saying you couldn’t be a actor I mean look at Leno he’s a actor and car guy. The lists could have said co-owner of GMG or investor…… says actor.

  13. Hey R.R. have u ever considered building a 1966 425nailhead Buick wildcat GS or 67 wildcat 455?
    I’ve only ever send a handful in person. I know they appeal to a limited market compared to camaros ect. So not usually a car people rebuild. I used to own a restored 67 wildcat with 455 rocket engine swap but it was stolen back in 2004……anyways If u ever do build one I’d love to see it on show. Thankfully life’s finally allow me to buy another muscle car sometime in first half of 2015. I will be watching your inventory for my favorite models…late 60s wildcats, firebirds, maybe be a 442 or chevelle. Keep up the great work. Love the show.

  14. Just struck me that my comment was off topic of this particular blog. Sorry.
    Was just browsing site and question popped into my head and I didn’t strike me that I was totally off in left field posting here haha. Anyways nice cars, I love the nash..And the show keep up the great work. I will pay more attention next time before randomly bombing a blog with comment or questions

  15. Hey Richard love to see you guys come over to Australia and buy a few cars! We have some pretty awsome homegrown legends that were locally manufactured including the 69 Holden monaro Bathurst Special and the Legendary HO GT ford falcon! Both these cars are iconic Aussie Muscle and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of beer and characters to go with them!! Cheers mate love the show!

  16. Wow……amigos, love Your show, and I dream about how awesome it would be to let you monkeys transform my old 70`th Buick Skylark cab into a real killer of rice-coocker cars 😉
    But it is still a god old yankie car that pulls black stripes on the Norwegian asfalt.
    thanks for a life supporting show 🙂

    Greeting`s from Torgrim in Norway

    btw…… I would love to Cheer some real Norwegian beer With you monkeys 🙂

  17. Hey RR, how r u doing? I’m a loyal fan of the show, here in Wales, UK. I’d like to ask u if there was any car you’d like to modify or build, what motor would you choose to do? All the best to u and AK !!! ✌️

  18. I tried to bid on your 53 Pontiac Chieftain listed on E bay on 3-14-2015 listed for $2950. E bay came back stating that all three cars shown had been sold or removed from the list. What gives? Been looking for a stock 50s to 60s Pontiac. If E bay is pulling them off before end date how can we do business? Thank you for any enlightenment. P.S. would have went $6000 on the car!

    • Either someone met the buy it now price (I can’t remember if that one had one), or someone came into the shop and offered me a price I was willing to take for it and had Tony pull the auction. Hope you can track down one of those cars you’re looking for in the near future, Jeff.

  19. I found a GT40 in a junkyard looking for bucket seats for my 65 F100.It appears to be intact for the most part {back window out} but it needed a Gas Monkey do over. If you are interested contact me at the email address. Maybe let me know what the 65 F100 needs. It has a302 with a3 speed trany.

  20. Hey Richard , I know you did a 71 Ford F100 , would you be interested in a 71 F100 with the Continental motor. Runs , needs some minor work , but the motor is a MONSTER. Thanks , Chris

  21. Hi Richard,
    Love watchin your show. If its one thing that relaxes me watching your show. I have full time job as general manager. But I also have been taking care of my mom that’s in hospice for two years non stop feeding, meds, changing everything comes with taking care someone you love that has Cancer. Watching your show with my husband is one best things we get to do together. My husband has 90 Mustang we hope to restore some day. Seeing your show makes us feel we could one day accomplish it.
    Anyways Take Care and I send to you all lots of Blessings to Gas Monkey crew.. 🙂

  22. Although the 190SL probably worth a mint (I hear they go for more than the 280SL), I believe the 911S Targa would be an interesting investment buy. Only thing is I hear that the Targa models are less valuable (don’t know why, perhaps structurally less sound). Nonetheless both 190SL and 911S pristine sports cars!!!
    My dad had a ride in a 300SL when he worked as import/export parts man for Mercedes in West Vancouver in the early 1960’s before they closed down—sluggish sales/Mercedes were a bit ahead of their time in Canada then!

  23. Sure do love watching your shows. You guys inspired me to buy a 67 ford truck that I am working on now. Keep it up and hope to see you at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale this January!

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