GMG’s Museum Caliber 1947 Indian Chief, Oh, And It’s For Sale

Gas Monkey Garage managed to find and somehow decide to part ways with a vintage 1947 Indian Chief. This motorcycle was restored and quite literally museum quality and we’re not just saying that… Richard found it in a museum. It’s an excellent example of the iconic 1947 Indian Chief and historic because it’s one of the first motorcycles to hit the road after the company transitioned to new ownership in 1946. While representing the resurgence of a company under new ownership it sadly represents the demise as the Indian company would fold shortly after in 1953.

The 1947 Chief included new features that would remain till the end of the run in 1953, such as: the War Bonnet head on the front mudguard, the chrome-plated Indian fuel tank emblems and double-spring girder front fork and hydraulic shock absorber. The bike also has traditional Indian features like foot clutch and hand operated three-speed gearshift. The 1947 Indian Chief is a quintessential Indian, made for the open road and this particular example is perfect for home display, a museum or weekend cruiser.

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  1. I love you guys I really do. I thought chief was really rude and out of line and I love street outlaws more than anything. I thought you guys handled it well. I was so excited for the race between you guys I asked off for work that day. I think chief was very intimidated and he didn’t handle it so well I guess. Keep on with the badass rides. Love you guys and I think you will be fine with Aaron gone and good luck to him as well
    A fan!! Kelia Webster f4om North Carolina

  2. Hi, U May help me , I would like to hear The V6, 2.5, so how to get a Chrysler Sebring 2000 Lauder ( exaust) here in switzerland we kann’t find Parts for This Car. Thanks for help. Sorry for my English 🙂

    Thanks for All For the job.

  3. What’s Aaron’s next venture? And why is he selling his Pike’s Peak Falcon after all of this work and time? My wife and I have been watching the show since the beginning !!!

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