Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works Opens Amazing Restoration Facility

Jaguar, Land Rover

Everyone is familiar with Motor City USA, but Motor City England is another story, despite being home to Jaguar for decades. However, Jaguar Land Rover looks to put another feather in the cap of their Motor City, Coventry, with the opening of Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works.

The new Classic Works facility will be the home of Jaguar Land Rover Classic Legends which will offer cars for sale, restorations and guided tours of all the facility has to offer. In addition to being a center for classic cars, it will also house Jaguar Land Rover Classic’s global business and client operations. The facility, as a whole, further represents the brands commitment to their heritage and classic restoration; all restored vehicles will be tested by Andy Wallace, Jaguar’s Le Mans-winning driver.


  1. Amazing, and very awesome. If there is a place like this in our country. Certainly a lot of antique cars that can be renovated.

  2. They have been restoring original land rover series one’s there for some time. They bought up over a hundred 1949 – 1953 vehicles from australia , california , south Africa etc and are slowly restoring them and selling for a hundred grand . You can tour the factory area doing the resto work.

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