Lamborghini Celebrates Iconic LM002 SUV Prior To Urus Release

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As Lamborghini, and the world, await the release of their new Super SUV on December 4th the luxury manufacturer is celebrating the 25 years since their first, and only SUV, ceased production.

Like many SUVs before it the Lamborghini LM002 project began with military implications in mind; however, the project was shelved in the 1970s shortly after it began. It would again find new life in 1981 with the LM001 concept before eventually making its way into production in 1986 and lasting through 1992 as the LM002. Just 300 of the luxury SUVs were produced during the 5 year run with even viewer remaining today, this LM002 is currently housed in the Lamborghini museum having been completely restored by the company.

The engine for this behemoth was the same as the Countach Quattrovalvole packing a V12 putting out 420hp and a top speed of 124mph on a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass body. All the while the SUV’s four-wheel drive capability is not lost and when coupled with the custom made Pirelli Scorpion tires it can handle gradients of 120%.

While details are still scarce on the future of what Lamborghini SUVs may hold with the Urus, there are rumors floating that it could near 200mph and given the brands SUV history it doesn’t seem impossible.

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