Let the Bike Build-Off Trash Talking Begin!

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we’ll be competing against the Teutuls and Jesse James in Chopper Live: The Revenge (Dec. 10 and 11). Paul Sr. over at Orange County Choppers decided to call us up to introduce himself, and it went a little something like this:

So, what do you think about that bet we made? Will Aaron end up baby-faced or will the Walrus lose his tusks?


  1. Hey guys, I just finished watching that clip of the phonecall from Sr. of OCC, and it cracked me right up lol. I’ve been a big fan of OCC for years, and I love your show too, but they came across as being too cocky. I’ll be rooting for you guys to win this biker buildoff. On a sidenote, I bought this cool button up black shirt off Ebay, and on the back it’s got a cool logo by Outlaw Customz. Below the logo it says “where hollywood ends and reality begins” (a cheapshot thrown at Jesse James) and OCC as far as I’m concerned, now! Go Gas Monkey Garage!!

    • Wow!!!!!! I have to say….I never would have thought ‘GAS MONKEY GARAGE’ would be in on a build off. As a american chopper fan since 2002. But, All that changed when SR. sued his son. Now i can help but think the whole thing was set up to dodge paying taxes ,Richard is on the mark’ OCC Does not have a clear concept on bike building. He was fine before the glitz and glamor and cameras. He now has an entrprise and has lost the true connection on bike building. You can even get a response from the shop via email or phone. I wanted to build a bike. They lost the connection between regular customer and glitzy corporations. NOW!!!!!!!! occ restaurant….lol What next?? A BIG BIRD BIKE” ? And sr. never saw “FAST AND LOUD” OCC/ JR.DESIGNS, JESSIE JAMES, Watch out!! Because i love fast and loud now..You guys have a simple but direct way of working.. Real old school and your not playing the camera. Im rooting for GAS MONKEY GARAGE in build off. Please!!!!!!!!! No gas monkey restaurants lol Tom ; From Byron new york. Good luck

    • I don’t think Paul Sr. was being cocky, I think he was just having fun. One of the problems people have these days is nobody has a sense of humor. Either way and no matter the outcome of the build off it’s a win win for me, I like what all three shops do. Now if they would just all build their best stuff and have fun and not criticize each other that would be even better, all of them have talent and are great craftsmen. If you are a true car and bike guy, you should be able to appreciate all the different styles of car and bike builds. Can’t wait for the show.

  2. I thought these guys from occ were cool!! They just made themselves look like fools.. Gas monkey all the way show these punks up.. You doing a great job love the show
    Take it easy guys, Andy……

  3. OC choppers don’t have a chance and there ready for retirement anyway !! I got your back gas monkey … but watch out for Jesse his stuff is clean


  4. OCC piss me off, senior believes his own hype and jason draws pretty pictures on his computer you 2 need a reality check as your full of shit. Go Gas monkey and show these idiots how its done. Senior ya talk and no action u look an idiot and can,t build a bike stick to your meccano set!!

  5. Also when ya lose ya stick that facial hair on ya head and save the cost of ya last hair transplant!! Boom Gas monkey gets paid!!

  6. Woops Spell check messed up, A couple times i said; {can} i meant, “CANT” One more thing!! Since JR’s wwife is sending jesse somthing,I think Richard should send “JASON” something! He reminds me of a bully in school, That you run into years later……….Pay back time! Jason, DON,T Tell People with class and stability to ‘SHUT UP’ You are worthless and you serve no purpose. Good Luck! “GAS MONKEY” And PAUL JR: A TRUE FATHER: DOES NOT SUE HIS OWN SON, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE…. Thanks, Tom n.

  7. hi guys watch your show from across the pond here in England. Just to say its refreshing seeing the chemistry you guys have there and I hope you stick it to those guys up there at OCC – especially lardass Pooley. Good luck in your build off

  8. I recently saw the “walrus from New York” talking shit. I know you guys can beat any bike from a box this guy can put together. He’s not a builder. I want you to build a bike for the common man. Something simple not some shiny yuppy chrome overkill trailer queen. You have to build it gas monkey style, total bad ass. A bike that’s built for the real American man. Anyone can build a bike on a 150K budget. Build a Bobber that the devil himself will be proud to ride on… PS real men have beards!

  9. Out with the old, occ,pjd,j.james/ In with the new! Whats the next bike occ will make? [ BIG BIRD BIKE]? lol Or maybe a goofy jason bike…But im sur richard and his crew will surprise them both…Good luck guy’s ! Get the clippers out, Paul sr. Tom nichols

  10. myself and my young fella enjoy the show.
    not sure what ye are going to build for the build off but i’d like to see maybe a v8 in a chopper
    kind of shows what ye are about..cars and bikes.
    well what ever ye build should win.
    all the best from the south of ireland.

  11. Sometimes occ seems to speak too soon….The key statement is; A STREET LEGAL BIKE THAT CAN BE RODE ! Every bike ive seen is, A SHOW BIKE ! And Jesse; What happened to W.C.C ? Richard and crew have my vote…..Tom nichols

  12. I agree occ and the others only can build “badazzled” junk!! You and Aaron are much more creative have our vote all the way!!! Your show is awesome… can’t
    get enough!!!

  13. OCC put a plaque on a bike then call it custom yeah right fools, PJD build cool bikes ,Jesse James builds cool bikes, but bad mouthed Gas Monkey, BIG mistake GAS MONKEY all the way……………. Aaron Richard and Scott are amazing………

  14. OCC. are making themselves look like fools. ( not like its hard to do ) gas monkey boy whoop em good. !!! Love the show and keep up the good work you got my vote

  15. Maintain the high ground, boys. Keep the dignity level higher, the commentary more clever and, of course, the build classier. You’ve distinguished yourselves through to here doing just that; keep it up!

    Oh, and of course, celebrate your victory with beer. I know I will!

  16. Jesse james is nothing but a big loud mouth with nothing better to do then talk crap about every other bike or car builder when in reality he sucks ass and he’s just mad cause he knows it! Along with his buttkisser SR. haha go gasmonkey y’all are some true hotrodders

  17. I say old school all the way! Nice gooseneck frame, vintage white wall tires, blacked out S&S knucklehead, old panhead springer front end, gloss black sheet metal with white pinstriping. Visualize!

  18. may the best bike win. tv entertains while we all watch. building a motorcycle takes skill. i think all of the builders, for this build off has what it takes. i will say i hope gas monkey, austin speed shop, and occ build something way better than jr. I still dont get why theres not a meet point and stop point. if you build it you should be able to ride 1000 miles in 24 hours. that would prove you mouth can cover your skills…. jr. would never make it to a gas station who builds a bike to only carry a liter of fuel. what an idiot.and the bigger idiot is the one that pays for a bike like that…keep it old skool and cool. forever two wheels…..

  19. ” he just won’t even respect the taperstry ” LMAO!! F**king awesome man lol i could watch that video all day! You guys kick ass



  21. Jason Poole is a fag!!!!!!!!he eats little peckers!!!walrus tusk 4 sale!!! its all fast-n-loud!!!go gas monkey garage!!!!!!!!!!!

    its all good in the hood!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Love the show guys, has more of a real feel to it. Even when OCC first hit it big, I saw that OCC grabbed parts off the shelf. They claim to build bikes, they just put together a bunch of pre-fabricated parts. Just read the instructions and VOILA!!!!!! Go Gas Monkey

  23. ive been a fan of occ and pjd for a long time and enjoyed the shows but im liking the fact that you guys at the gas monkey garage seem down to earth and grounded unfortunately not like the mega bucks occ crowd, they need a reality check and get a grip of the real world. Go on the monkees show em how its done…BOOM GAS MONKEY GETS PAID….AND THE WALRUS SHAVES hahaha Scotland is behind gas monkey all the way. luv the show guys

  24. I think OCC and all the marketing garbage is a joke! PJD is into T-shirts and kids jungle gyms. OCC use to be a real bike building shop but since all the bling-bling of the camera they are no longer bike builders. They are space ship designers and parts assemblers. Jesse is a bike builder and true metal fabricator but hes just a DICK! Who the hell screws over Sandra Bullock. I got a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the GAS MONKEY BOYS! Don’t let me down bitches! I would hate to see Aaron lose years of work on a kick ass beard and would much rather see a toothless walrus.

  25. Do what you do hooker… Just build something you can actually ride and REAL bikers will vote for you… Clean, simple and bad-ass are my 3 non negotiables when building a bike

  26. I used to be a big fan of jesse james but lately iv lost alot of respect for him he’s just a disrespectful asshole i mean he acts like invented the motorcycle his shit really isn’t that great iv seen way better bikes by way better builders, I’m sorry man but a guy with a mouth like that and ego like that just gets on my nerves as for occ and paul jr designs they can never build a real bike they always have to build ” theme bikes ” have you seen occ’s production bikes? There fuckin ugly and that camaro paul jr did was a freakin joke lol i mean really? Lol I’m sorry dude but i wouldn’t be caught with a paul jr t-shirt on lol I’m sure i would get laughed at

  27. Gas Monkey garage is awesome! They do things the way we do things here at home, I really hope they win. Fast and loud is my favorite show! Make us southerners proud Rich!

  28. really like your show. as for the build off, well you hit it right on the head, make it so you have to ride the bike more than just in a parking lot. thats what the original biker build off was all about. but then thats the only reason that jr agreed to be in it, otherwise it would of said = what ? ride it ? how far ? what are you crazy ? my bikes are for looking at not riding, if you want a bike to ride you have to go to a real bike builder, like gas monkey garage. if you want a ornament then you come to me, paul jr designs, or walmart.

  29. Well; Only a few days to go till ,BUILD OFF ! Alot has happened in past few weeks. Paul sr. gave up on trying to get Paul jr. to fall for his scheme to try an recoup $$$$$$$$ from his lawsuit. @least 1.2million. So AMERICAN CHOPPER; IS OVER….FOR NOW!!! UNTIL THE NETWORKS WANNA INCREASE RATINGS. And Jesse james is in love ;Again……This time, PAUL MITCHELL HEIRESS. Guess,When he went for a haircut, He saw the name on the spray gel bottle..And pooooof. I think i will see if she is available. (FREE SPRAY GEL ,JESSE!!! ) Well, all my support goes to .GAS MONKEY GARAGE . Good luck guy’s. I would have no problem having a car built by GAS MONKEY GARAGE. LET THE MONKEYS LOOSE… TOM NICHOLS.

  30. For a long time I was a fan of American Chopper. Until they got to big for themselves, all the in fighting and trying to one up every job until it just got over the top ridiculous. I love fast n loud. Gas monkey rules. I hope you guys win this shit! Just please learn from their mistakes and just keep being REAL. Do what you do best

  31. I’ve been a big fan of Paul Sr. and OCC since the beginning and some bikes he has built are very cool and some not. The Cadillac bike was awesome.
    Paul Sr. builds some killer old school bikes and has proved himself as a awesome business man who built a Corporation that supports all those guys working for him, You Rock Paul Sr.
    By the way jason is a true schooled designer with
    a degree who could build just about anything.

    As For Paul jr. he’s a joke and he designs and builds bikes that sit and are not riden and most are nothing more then hey lets put a blender on the Tank or a T.V. on the aircleaner. The bike he built for the build off was a freaking joke,
    I laughed my ass off seeing it, what a joke.
    This guy has no respect for his Father as Paul Jr. wouldn’t have nothing if it wasn’t for Sr and OCC.
    Yeah pay me my money and I’ll be friends with you dad, your just as arrogant as jessie, what a Flake.

    As For jessie james I like a few of his bikes, but what a loud mouth and wants to shoot his arrogant mouth off to everyone but when someone does the same and he can’t take, even if it was directed towards his Ex. I thought he was from California.

    Gas Monkey should have won the build off because they built a bike a working man or common man would buy and ride and they rode it to the build off.
    Adam & Richard keep up the awesome builds and show.
    You guys are the true winners in most everyone would agree.

    Now Indian Larry built some killers bikes and when they did a show they rode the bikes and were built with the true rider in mind.

  32. gas monkey glad u lost you guys suck anybody can rebuild a bike.guess you cheated as much as jesse he took to long you rebuilt a bike you should of had it done in a week.

  33. Man y’all need to do show called pimp my Gas Monkey. Love your show!! From Conroe, TX. Just have people send in there truck or car pictures and remake there ride Gas Monkey style on Tv. Keep it real ! It would be awesome to hear back from y’all.

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