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We asked out fans on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. What questions they have for Richard’s sister and GMG Financial Director. She picked her favorites and sat down in the hot seat. Check it out:


  1. Hi,
    It’s Friday morning and I’m watching your guys clean out that old Rambler station wagon…
    Have you ever heard of Hantavirus? It’s a potentially deadly disease contracted by touching or breathing anything that may be soiled by infected mice or rats. The virus is contained in the saliva, urine and feces of the rodents….which means everything in that stinky car could be contaminated. I don’t see anyone wearing a respirator or even a paper mask! I strongly suggest that someone connected with your program go to the CDC website and educate your entire crew on what precautions need to be taken to minimize the chance for exposure to this potentially deadly disease.
    Your pal,
    Barry the Paramedic

    • Thanks for thinking of us, Barry. Yeah, I make sure all the guys up here wear proper safety equipment when cleaning and prepping cars. Safety first!

  2. Hello RICHARD y AARON.
    I’m a fan of gas monkey garage. sorry for my English I’m Spanish. I followed your program from the beginning and love it.is the best program I’ve seen hot rods in my life.
    I’m also working on a hot rod project.
    my car is a 1973 dodge 3700gt and I would like you give me feedback on what you think
    the engine is a 3700cc with a dual carburetor. I have reported that you can put a v8 engine.
    it engine that I buy for my 3700gt dodge v8?
    I would like to arreglarais a car like mine and you traveling to Spain for all your fans have fun with you.
    You are a machine, a big hug from Spain.

  3. The “inter-web”: one of the best malapropisms I’ve ever heard. Brilliant! I think i’m becoming GMG addicted—i’m scared- what to do?

  4. Richard rawlingss im like your big fan, no liee!!
    Youre my idoll, i have a questionn, how can i work
    With you at the garage, i an a UTI student
    And know alot about cars,Working at gmg will be a dream
    Come truee! You think i can get the opportunity to work at gsg?

  5. Love the show just need more episode’s over here in the UK…. I,m kind of addicted keep up the good work and if you need a Brit floor sweeper/gofer let me know.

  6. I have a pocket full of cash and I live in West Virginia. I need a new pastime. I have decided that I want to find rare cars and flip them. Question, what are the top cars you would be interested in acquiring? The job I work requires me to visit many landowners with hidden gems in old barns. The possibility of finding something you all may be interested is fair. Being that I am starting a new hobby, I would appreciate the opportunity to comb through people’s barns to find something that may be of interest to Gas Monkeys. Any advice?

  7. Richard, love the show, keep up the good work, great to the the Garage growing from strength to strength. Just a though but have you ever though about putting your Gas Monkey touch on somethin’ old and European??

    Just a thought……


  8. Hi
    My name is Shlomo ,I came all the from Israel to visit Gas Monkey Garage and if possible RICHARD.
    I’ll be tomorrow 05.15.17, Monday, near the shop, hope I can meet him.

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