Meet The Monkeys | Dennis Collins [Video]

We asked our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what questions they have for Dennis Collins of Collins Brothers Jeep. He picked his favorites and sat down in the hot seat. Check it out:


  1. dennis!!! saludos desde españ no es indiscreccion ,en que trabajas? por que tambien manejas pasta.

    bueno,gracias por esta serie magnifica.


  2. el mejor de todos los tv show de autos de todos los canales gas monkey son los mjores espero ver muchos capitulos por muchos años.. saludos desde Tucuman-Argentina..

  3. Richard & Dennis- i never saw it in person, but, a truck driver buddy/neighbor of mine in NYC told me once that he had a 1968 or a ’69 Camaro in his garage with six-hundred original miles on it! this dude wasn’t prone to BS. I still have not heard another example of such incredibly low mileage.( except for museums & dealerships etc) We parted ways a number of years ago but I would assume he still owns it.

  4. GMG: I’m getting up in the world finally–4-post American-made 7K lb. lift shipping this week. I should have it assembled & operational in my garage by weekend/ if all goes according to plan. Hey, it only took 60 years, but all those forays of sliding under trucks/cars are now history. Last week, after shimmeying under a CR-V i changed the oil & was just barely able to get the filter off–it was almost impossible to do–& really required a vehicle lift to adequately get to filter—Never say never but I paid my dues & will NEVER work in an unheated space w/o a lift up here in Ice Station Zebra aka upstate New Yawk!

  5. I like the timing of the comment …”we only work on CJs and Wranglers…” as the camera pans across the floor of the shop and shows a blue Grand Cherokee with fake wood trim on the sides; up on a lift.

  6. Does the next cannonball run start in New York or over seas? I would love to see you and Richard make another run after it. You have my email address if you can hit me up I’d like to see it.Even if I just sell t-shirts it’ll be worth it!

  7. Does anybody know who is the maker is of the rims that were on the 40″ tires that they put in front of the jeep in the last episode?

  8. I’m in love with sue!!! Can I get a t-shirt from her? I’ll pay off course,love the way she takes on the guys .good addition to the show. Thanks!

  9. Richard and dennis i heard dennis mention on one of the episodes that he would like to find a MAKO SHARK corvette well my father has a 71 REAL MAKO SHARK vette for sale please contact me thank you

  10. This is for Dennis Collins or Richard Rawlings, My name is Donald Farino, I recently reacquired my fathers 1928 Model AR Ford Pheaton. After a 35 yr. Storage fee was paid, I got it back!…He, my father, and I found this car sitting by and old barn in Junction City, KS. When I was just 10yrs. old. It was being used as a chicken coop ( body off on the ground and frame and fenders in the woods) For the price of building materials ($60) we hauled it off in the back of an old Rambler station wagon cut down to a pickup, the chicken farmer bought it from an old ford dealer back in 1930! It was carted off to our house where he and I did a quick frame off and stored it in the back garage until I could drive! Subsequently my father took I’ll and passed away shortly thereafter my mother soon followed. As lif went on the car remained in that garage until my brother moved for me to a oat storage in Kingston OK. I recently found out that the car was still there and got it back…granted it had a hefty storage bill but was willing to pay. You see this particular vehicle was the first car Henry FordANDhis son Edsel Ford designed and built together as the newest in a long line of Fords built since….again this vehicle was designed and marketed to the public as Fords new line of affordable cars for the poor man! The car was quickly designed and he produced only 250 of them it is quite rare AND if I must say as solid as the day it rolled off the assembly line in Nov. Of 1927 AS the first model A in 1928. I am interested in selling it but only to a car lover. It deserves the best of care and I’ve been a fan of gas monkey since first airing soooo! You guys get first crack….trust me, this is NOT a car you want to pass up…at least take a road trip and come see me I’m two yrs from you and am very keen on finishing this car. If anything it can be used as an advertising gimmick for the Ford dealers around the United States and abroad . if you decide to pass I am open to having you guys finish the restoration and if not you maybe you can bring along one who might be interested in the old girl……e-mail and I’ll give you my phone #……serious gas monkey fan….can I be on your show…..wink, wink…I like Cristi

  11. Have you ever thought about expanding to the east coast. Try St. Marys, Georgia. We would love to have both you Richard, and all of the Gas Monkey guys come by and eat some of Langs Seafood, the best of the rest. Look us up. Cumberland Island National Seashore. We have available commercial property and great residential property available.

  12. How would you like to find this Aussie lady a Mustang I I as my everyday car and a Mustang 67 coupe in nice condition, we can detail both vehicles ourselves as my Partner has rebuilt mustangs, can’t find anything nice here, need tidy vehicles, not restored. PS love, love your show.

  13. would love to see something jap, built along the fast and furious film lines as in uk theres not alot of cool 70s stuff left due to our soggy wet climate!! cheers dave !! great show keep it cool!!

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