Jason Aker | Meet The Monkeys [Video]

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We asked out fans on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. What questions they have for Jason Acker. He picked his favorites and sat down in the hot seat. Check it out:


  1. Love the show! Iwatch the show all the time. I have 1940 ford street rod 2 dr san
    tandard ! also 1965 Impalla convertible ! My brothers, and I all have street rods, and custom cars.

  2. Hi Richard Rawlings your show is out of this world. I have been interested in custom & hot rods since I was young .I have always loved the 1957. belair,but when I watched the episode with 1960 what you guys done to awesome car was just amazing I now like that car better ,it looks a bit like a 1959 Plymouth fury in Christine the movie .your show with the legend Mr Burt Reynolds you played the part perfectly I also admire your team keep on rocking .Mr Ian Aitken

  3. Yeah I beginning to like Jase, I thought he was a bit too serious when he first came in for that Ferarri?? rebuild, but he’s coming out of his shell now.

  4. Is Jason now over Aaron now at gas monkey? Aaron should be running things as usual, be pissed if this Jason has come in and took over.

  5. I was really disappointed when you sold the Shelby Mustang. That car was exactly the reason you brought Jason A on to the show. I get it that you made a quick 100k, but if you put 200k into the car you could have sold it for upwards of 900k. Isn’t that what the show is about? The step side was o.k. But a Shelby Mustang is why I watch the show.

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