Nissan Creation Is The Ultimate Snowmobile

In what appears to be a move spurred by someone in a creative meeting noting that the Nissan 370Z kinda sounds like “ski,” Nissan has delivered on one crazy (and one not so crazy) creations.

The 370Zki Roadster, pronounced 370 ski, takes a stock version and transforms into a glorified snowmobile. In order to complete this Nissan the entire drivetrain was removed, a 3-inch custom lift kit installed, custom mountings and spacers installed all to accommodate the DOMINATOR Tracks from American Track Truck, Inc. The result, the ultimate 332-horsepower 3.7-liter DOHC V6 snowmobile.

As sort of a yin to the 370Zki’s yang, Nissan also debuted a more fitting winter themed ride at the Chicago Auto Show, an Armada Snow Patrol. The one-off creation added a “three-inch suspension lift, extreme off-road tires, massive front bumper, light bar and roof rack” to the stock 390-horsepower 5.6-liter DOHC Endurance V8 SUV. Both cars will be on display at the Chicago Auto Show through February 19th.


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