Our Thoughts on the Build Off

You’ve been asking questions about the build-off on Facebook and Twitter. Thought we’d get it all off our chest. Here’s the answer to everything you’ve asked and more!


  1. christmas sale walrus tusk 50 percent off!!!! two left in stock!!! donuts and coffee at jrs. hollywoods want 2 bees at j.james garage! queer jason poole @O.C.C.

    GAS MONKEY GARAGE YOUR GENUINE FAST-N-LOAD CUSTOM BIKE SHOP!!! we take your bike and trick it out beef it up customize it to fit your needs!!NO 42 INCH WHEELS!!!all custom work done here!!!! go gas monkey!!!!!all want 2 bees stay on the porch!!!!

  2. Richard n Aaron don’t let the occ and wcc bafoons beat you up on their old out dated shows and their family problems. You guys keep doin it like they do on the discovery channel and we in Oklahoma support you guys, can’t wait to see the bike yall build.

  3. Really diggin’ the show. I hope you guys kick the crap out of Jesee James and the turtles. If you don’t have an idea yet…
    Maybe a 200mph enduro will wake up the fat couch taters.

  4. Fuck yea! What no CNC giant monkey head for a head light!? Hahahaha keep it simple, clean and fast. If you guys are still in Scottsdale when you read this come check out the Ducati shop. All of us guys in back of the shop are big fans! Keep it up and don’t sell the fuck out!

  5. 12 million dollor shop that was depreciated to 7 million moron! Thats why they threatened with bankruptcy…. To get a mortgage modificstion for the shop they can’t afford. Btw, your gonna win. PJD sucks, jesse and Sr. are building sportbikes? It’s in the bag.

  6. I owned a shop in Florida from 2004-07 that built over 100 custom choppers. Unfortunately we had to build big, long unrider friendly Easter eggs because that is what the general public wanted. However, the bike you guys built for the build off was a true classic. By the far the best bike there! Keep up the good work.

  7. Hell yeah !!! that was/is a sweet ride yall built i like the basic design KISS and you did kept it really simple….for all his girlieman bitching it sure did not help the compton throw out o jessica…..yeah he does do good work….. but come on I am so tired of him whining for respect….to not get it…… you guys come along step and take 0-2 pitch and shut him down….I like how yall did not talk about it….. yall was just about it !! and JJ could be doing alot better if he wasn’t hatin on the haters so much….anyway keep up the good work and maybe Richard can stop getting cars that need so much work and auctions only 2.5 days away and you all can turn out some cherry rides just not sweet looking rides…

  8. you khown you in 2th place but over all your bike was the top bike jrs bikes hate to say it what the f… is that its not art, sr runs his month more than is at occ jason is total shiut head. all mouth no bains., jesse hes khowns how to build some ass kicking stuff. i think you do one for the recored to let everyone khown gas monkey is here to stay if you want to one big bad ass bike biker build off than go as far as asking danny from counting cars in las vegas nv, sr. in new york+ jr. and you guys in dallas, and not to forget jesse no one has ever did a bad ass trike w/ a v8 motor 4 speed or auto. lets do this ., now its your turn to bring this to table aaron.

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