Ridetech vs Gas Monkey Garage: A Rubber-Burning Battle

Our friends over at ridetech challenged us to a dual. An old-school parking lot brawl. A battle of burnt rubber and elevated egos. Who won? We’ll let you decide.


Watch this first:


Then this:

Who has your vote?


  1. Hands down the truck. From my own long time off doing burnouts. To keep the vehicle in motion at all times, the amount of smoke, and the closest you can get without hitting any obstacles takes alot of driving skill not the vehicle. Five star burnout!!!!!

  2. GMG pickup truck for sure, can definitely tell the talent of the driver in the truck over the Camaro. Especially since I watched that Camaro run into the barrier on the road course at Good Guys today, and he did about the same type burnout after they pulled the fender from the tire so he could drive it off the track.

  3. Love the show, and the craftsmanship you guys do! I thought the truck was sold before yall moved into the new garage? I may be wrong it could just be the way the shows are aired.

  4. GasMonkey kicks arce!!!!!!! Richard can do freckin serious burnouts and Arron is INSANE as always. Keep it up fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Clearly Gas Monkey won. They exhibited much more control and kept drifting without stopping the entire time and ended the drift with a true doughnut that went 360 degrees several times also without stopping. RIdeTech could not manage to drift for more that a few seconds without having to stop so they wouldn’t hit anything, several times. RIde Tech displayed either a poor knowledge of drifting, or fear of keeping the gas to the floor. Either way they got TROUNCED!!!

  6. GMG no brainer?????????????????? would have been awesome if Aaron had been able to jump in the back of the truck im thinking lets make it an olympic sport defo BURN RUN & JUMP let me know what u think maybe put up a video?

  7. GMG….that was the sickest truck drift ever plus Aaron keeping up on foot…it’s a no brainer GMG Def the winners…INDEED!

  8. That was the best burnout Ive seen yet, For ridetech to challenge you guys should a been a bet. Loser touches the tires after. HAHA Ridetech maybe if they would drive there cars like GMG they would a done a bit better. Awsome. NOW HOW BOUT ERIN AND RICHARD CHALLENGE. YOU GUYS NEED SOME FRESH TIRES THO.LOL FREAKIN AWSOME

  9. GMG Truck wins hands down. How can you beat a wild monkey crew that runs through the middle of a burnout drift??? Off the hook crazy!! Would have been better if Arron was in the back of the truck bed surfing.

  10. i might b 2 L8, but no ? that GMG truck was ‘controlled chaos’…..Camaro was just chaos……love the aaron run!!!

  11. It’s “High Tech Duel,” not “High Tech Dual.” other than that, awesome video and the show aint that bad either.

  12. I have seen and applied many a burnout. that bein said that was the most awesome display of fast and loud I have ever seen. you fellas at gmg are my heros. from the folks at southern motorsports, you are the winners!

  13. Truck showed much greater skill and controlled burn-out. Camaro was kinda sloppy by comparison. Loved the competition — do more fun stuff like this!

  14. Yes, the Ford won, but switch the driver and the Camaro wins! lmao RICHARDS ROCKS! Aaron kicks ass! …….. How many beers before THAT victory? lol

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