Say What!? The 10 Best Things You’ve Seen While Driving

We all see a lot of strange, crazy, weird, all the synonyms, type stuff while driving. Here are the 10 best we received from our readers.

Twist And Shout
Pulled up next to a car at a light and the guy next to me was twisting his nose with channel lock and screaming.

Beep Beep Beep
Minivan driving backwards at like 30 mph… I don’t know why they were doing that, but I had a laugh.

Caution Cat Xing
I was at an intersection at 3am with my wife when a group of cats, 30+, came from behind a convenient store. They started to cross the street when a black ford bronco came from behind them herding​ them in one direction and pulling in strays. I was laughing uncontrollably while my wife sat stone faced. “Do you not see this!” She looked at me dead in the eyes and said “you know, some people eat cats.”

Smooth Moves
A woman was shaving her face at a red light. She was using the nose and ear hair trimmer that you see on TV. She’d run it all over her chin, then check to see if her chin was smooth, then run the trimmer some more. She was getting side-burn, mustache and checks.

Clown Car
I was grinding my teeth at a red light pissed off at the world when I look to my right, there’s a clown in full get up with a washing machine on the roof of his car. He could see how miserable I was and looks over and starts screaming laughing hysterically! I laughed so much I forgot why I was mad!

Who’s A Good Boy?
Saw a Dalmatian in the passenger seat of a Porsche and yes, the roof was down and of course the dog was wearing shades.

Quite A Pickle
We had a guy in a yellow Dodge Neon driving around sucking on a pickle here in Philly. It made the news here and I was unlucky enough to see him.

A True Hero
The strangest thing I’ve seen was a guy with two slices of bread on top of each leg making sandwiches as he drove.

Headed My Nay?
A miniature horse in the back seat of an extended cab Ford pickup in downtown Dallas. Its head was out the window.

Ain’t Nothing But Mammals
Two dogs banging in the back seat of a Cutlass as the driver just cruised along like nothing was going on.

And an added 11th which will be a PG representative of all the smut ya filthy animals have seen while on the road.
Well, as a truck driver I saw a lot of boobs in convertibles. Sadly, saw as many penises too.

All user submitted content has been edited for length and clarity.


  1. I was driving to Jackson Michigan and past the Hersey Kiss car. It was just like the oscar Mayer Mobil bottom but with 3 kisses on top. Cool seeing it drive down the road.

    Then another time I did see the Oscar Mayer Mobil driving down the road.

    Then My freind and I seen the Coke Semi all lite up with Santa sitting on a green lazy boy chair on the semi trailer All in lights. It was on 94 driving towards Port Huron. Mi. To go to Canada.

  2. I saw a fat old dude last year on one of our last warm days of fall. He was driving a convertible bright red Ferrari Convertible F12. My friend (we live in Waterloo Ia not many Ferrari’s here) thought it was a Mustang or something but I followed him to the gas station and sure enough I was correct it was a horsy! I initiated a conversation and inquired from my wife’s Toyota Yaris if I could race him with my ZX6R… this is where it gets interesting. He states “Oh no, I never race it because if it broke I could not afford to fix it.” WHAT THE HELL!!!! Who spends $300,000 or so on a vehicle built specifically for racing and doesn’t race? Not I! So if you come to Iowa with your rich fat ass sporting a supercar you better count on putting down a few hondos and using it for what it was made for. If you do not, YOU SUCK and are too old to drive so just give the damn thing to me already! P.S. I have a 1981 Ford Escort, if I get the funds I want to put an LS in it! Maybe you guys should do the build >:)

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