Stanley Delivers The Perfect Pint Glass For All Paths

“Blood, sweat and beer” is a big part of life here at Gas Monkey Garage so when we saw Stanley had some badass looking pint glasses we had to try them out. The first thing you notice is that the four pack comes in a multi-color set: their classic green, red, black and stainless. The stainless is not just a finish, but rather the whole set is made from 18/8 stainless steel creating a rust-free surface as well as a glass with good weight behind it. Stanley says the insulation of the glasses “keeps drinks cold 4 hours, iced 15 hours or hot 45 minutes” and while we were unable to verify this (who takes four hours to drink a beer!?), there was no indication that these numbers were off based on the coldness of our beer. At just over two pounds these stackable pint glasses stack to about just over a foot making them ideal for summer outdoor travel or days at the lake or just about anywhere you may need a cold beer.

…But wait, there’s more…

Not wanting to isolate those who may prefer to unwind with a mixed drink, or some type of virgin concoction we’d know nothing about, Stanley provided their Nesting Steel Happy Hour System. The whole set is made from the same 18/8 stainless steel and is 11.1-inches tall making it highly portable for a seven-piece system. The inside houses four seven-ounce glasses while the lid contains the jigger cap, citrus reamer… the body and lid make up the shaker, obviously. We put the shaker through the ringer with some Gas Monkey Tequila margarita and our attempt at a “Tasty” style video. Let’s just say the drink was perfectly mixed and well deserved after shooting and editing. And at a price point of just $50 the system is a steel (get it? steel) for it and four glasses.

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