Summer Vacation in Dallas? Stop by Gas Monkey Garage for official GMG Merch!

If you’re going to be around the Dallas are this summer, make sure you come by Gas Monkey Garage to get your hands on some official Gas Monkey Garage merchandise. You might even get to see the monkeys doing donuts in the parking lot if you’re lucky. Being that we film all day every day (except for Sundays) we can’t give shop tours, but when we have filming breaks, we try to head up front to the merchandise area so say hi to the fans, shake hands, take pictures, etc. We also do a lot of filming in the parking lot, so you might get to see Fast N’ Loud in action!


2330 Merrell Road, Dallas, TX


  • Monday-Friday 9-6
  • Saturday 9-6
  • Sunday 11-5

Of course you can always buy official GMG merchandise online at If you’re ordering from outside the US, click “International Checkout” when you’re ready to place your order.

Hope to see y’all soon!


  1. Such a weird coincidence! I just flew in from Colorado Springs and wondered if I could swing by the shop and well my question is answered! Looking forward to swinging in

  2. Stopped by the new Merch stand at DFW on Sunday afternoon on my way home from Orlando. Had to add a new shirt to my collection. Can’t wait for the new season to start later on this year.

  3. Looking forward to the new show!!

    Big fan here from Northampton in the UK. If I ever get over to the states I’ll head over to your bar & grill, hopefully you’ll be around to have a drinking session with. I’ll bring my beer assistant along too. 🙂

    Keep up the good work boss!


  4. I cant wait for the new season to start as myself and my wife are big fans from this side of the pond (Scotland,BRITAIN). I am in the states in November with my son for the World of Warcraft convention, how long will it take to get from California to Texas so we can come and see your garage and have a meal at the bar and grill. Carry on the great work on the show and give Tom a break if he is still with you

  5. Hi . Richard
    My name is Joel and I live in Kansas and I come across some old cars from time to time and I was wanting to know how I could summit cars from time to time for you to look at see if you would buy.

  6. My nephew is a huge fan and is here this weekend 4th of July so we plan on surprising him with a visit if you guys will be around. He is an avid fan and it looks like he will be following in your footsteps when he gets older. He loves cars so this will be a great experience for him.

  7. I have been a painter for 30 yrs and would like to hang out with KC for a while and talk about cool cars and bitch about painting.

  8. Hi, steep monkeys i want to say thank you for you works and show – you are the BEST!!! Ever time when I dont want going to my garage and the car body repair – I watch you show, and after that I go to working and work all week. I apologize for my English because I writting to you from a distant Kazakhstan from the other end of the world!!! You are tough guys!!!

  9. Heading you way tomorrow. Coming from San Antonio going to the Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Going to the Dallas Zoo then stopping by the GM Grill. Looking forward to the new season….

  10. Will you anytime soon be visiting the UK for any of your shows as I think it would be grat to see you and the rest of the gang.

  11. Bringing my 2 Monkeys (sons) to GMG and GMBG in August…well they’re really gorillas, ones 6’3″ and the other 6’1″and not easily shoehorned in any sports car ,But we love the show and gotta drive up (from Houston) and check out GMG and the North Texas scenery. See yall in August!!

  12. My husband and I are visiting from the UK in September. I already have a gas monkey t shirt and will be purchasing another one whilst we are there. Can’t wait to see you all!

  13. Your Buffalo Beer Assistants will be out front about 2 pm Monday July 14th with some cold ML!! Who doesn’t love beer on a Monday?!

  14. Sup Monkeys, looking at heading to Texas in late August from Perth Western Australia.

    Gonna stop by say gday, buy a tshirt and a stubble holder then stop by the GMB&G for a brew or two.

    Also planning on road tripping to Vegas. Any recommendations on hiring a muscle car for the journey? Would love an old Charger or Challenger.

    Cheers guys and see ya next month.

  15. Food was Great, got a couple of Glasses. It was my son’s birthday so he got a glass also and a birthday banana split. We also went by the shop in hopes of an autograph but no luck. got some t-shirts you need to restock the “blood, sweat & beers” in XL. WE enjoyed Dallas, we will be back soon…..

  16. This car lovers wife thanks you for making a show I actually love to watch with my husband! In Dallas from Wisconsin this week. Hoping to see you today!

  17. Stopped by Gas Monkey Garage on our way home to Wichita Kansas. We bought some T-shirts and saw Richard “in & out. Darn, wanted to meet a fellow “Gear Head”. But it was cool. Wish he was hiring, I was a mechanic for 15 yrs. that would be awesome……..

  18. Coming from New Jersey and will be in the Grapevine area on July 29/30/31 and plan on stopping by the GMG. Any chance of meeting you guys on those days?

  19. Great show and your all funny characters (monkeys) which makes it exciting along with the builds make it a must watch, im from the UK and watchin the show each time i come back from my crap garage after a hard day on my 77 trans am resto, re lights the fire to make me go back when i can to keep on workin on the bird!!! will buy some gear and get over to the grill and shop in the near future

    keep up the gd work Gas Monkey

  20. In Dallas from FL for work. Had to stop by and see my favorite Monkeys! Got my GMG gear and will be stopping by the Bar & Grill tomorrow. Gotta get my Monkey fix before the season starts! Love the show!!

  21. Hi Guys,
    I love GMG!!! I cant get enough of it!! Not only do you guys do top notch stuff but make me laugh my monkey ass off too!!! keep it up!!!

  22. I’m going to be in the area the week of August 18th and would love to swing by take a few pics and pick up some merch! However, I’ve seen some pictures of a sign outside the shop stating “no entry” due to filming. Would that scenario prevent me from being able to do so? If so, is there a good day that week to come by? In other words, is your filming schedule predictable enough to know that far in advance when the public could visit? I’d hate to miss out on an opportunity I’ll almost certainly never have again.

    I plan on having dinner at the restaurant that week, too!

    • You just can’t come back into the shop area because they’re filming all day everyday back there, but the front of the shop is open to the public so you can buy shirts and other merch.

  23. Alright @RR heading to Texas on the 20th and 21st of August on a road trip from Vegas to see Gas Monkey Garage and Gas Monkey Bar and Grill while on holiday from Perth, Western Australia. Hoping to see a couple of you guys, grab a t-shirt or two and of course have a couple of bud lights. See you soon dudes!

  24. Hi Richard, my son and husband, ok myself too are huge fans. My son and I are driving into Dallas to fly home to Dubai on the 27th of plug and wondered if you guys plan to be around the shop? Guess if you are not the tee shirt will have to do, oh and by the way, you should come to Dubai and do a show, people there are crazy about you too, we would be happy to show you around…. Peggy Sue…..

  25. Oh forgot to mention that my husband who is a Captain on the Airbus 380 says he will give you a tour anytime of the cockpit if you give him a tour of your shop….

  26. Well Richard and Aaron after 50 hours of travel and some hair raising adventures, we finally made it to Dallas. Heading to GM tomorrow. Any chance you guys are around for a quick photo?

  27. Hi! My family are on our way to Dallas now, we are driving to take my 12 year old son to Scottish Rite Hospital for some appointments tomorrow and Friday. We live in a suburb about 30 miles from Chicago, Il. and my son is super excited to stop by your shop and see it in person!

    • We haven’t done anything too new up here yet, but you make see one or two builds coming up that are a little newer than what you’ve seen us do up until this point.

  28. Richard,
    Big fan of the show! Watch it every week! Coming through your way on. Sept. 12-14 to pick up 2 70 Boss 302’s I will be restoring for some TX boys. Will stop in & pick up some merchandise. Hopefully you will have time to get a quick pick for these Arkansas boys back home that are fans as well.

  29. i wanne order some gas monkey merch,so i put them in my shopping cart,but i can’t see the pay international checkout button???
    I only see the buttons for contineu shopping– update cart—proceed to check out???




  31. Arriving in Dallas on oct 25 till October 28.coming to watch the Cowboys play the Washington redskins.I’m bringing a few millers maybe Richard will have a few minutes to drink one of my beers with me , everyone needs a break,maybe ihe will be getting off at this time.ITS ON ME RICHARD!!!!

  32. hey live in gaylord. mi. huge fan of your show
    only 10 years old and allredy pulled 6 or 7 motors me and my stepdad are restoring a 1968 ford f100 needs a lot of work but we need the money to finish it wondering if youd like to sponsor us and can you sqeeze my fam in around febuary would like to meet yall it would be tip of my life

  33. Monkeys, really enjoy their programs love. They served as inspiration to start buying and selling cars. Greetings from Argentina, I hope to go visit some day.

  34. Surprised my husband with a trip to Dallas this weekend. He loves Gas Monkey Garage. If we come to the garage is there a merchandise shop that we can visit?

  35. Having family come in, and you are definitely on our itinerary of things to do/see. Can you suggest any additional cool places that we should also check out? Thanks so much! 🙂

  36. Richard, any chance you guys will at the shop on Wed the 17th of Dec? I’m a big fan if the show and would love to get some pics with you guys. Thanks

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  37. HEY RICHARD !!!! If you ever come to the Portland Oregon area BEER IS ON ME !!! I know you like FREE BEER !!! By the way I am a small dealer and my son DJ and I are equal partners, we are in the back roads farm country a lot and we will keep our eyes open for GAS MONKEY type stuff !!!! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you see something in the Portland Oregon area and you want us to go take some more pics or test drive something for you .. Have a great day !!!!

  38. Hey guys! My Fiancé & I are huge fans of yall’s show. We will be coming to Dallas for our very first Spring Break Family vacation(week of March 23)and I planned a surprise visit for my Fiancé to your shop. I’m super excited & sure hope we end up there during a filming break to meet y’all. We are coming from Missouri. Till then we will continue watching your show. 🙂 P.S. Please tell Sue hi for me….she’s one of my faves 🙂

  39. I’m a huge fan of y’all’s show. Planning our Spring Break to Dallas the week of March 23rd and definitely will be surprising my Fiance Jeremy with a trip to your shop! Hoping when we are there y’all will be on a filming break so we could possibly meet you. After we finish there, we will be heading to the famous Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. Super excited about that. Hope to see y’all soon. 🙂

  40. BOOM! Let it rip tater chip!
    I’ve just found a new customer based in the Argyle area of TX, so guess what – yeah you got it, I need to fly over from the UK to visit and while I’m over there I going to visit the GMBG and GMG, get myself some merch and if I’m lucky see one of the guys.
    Keep up the good work guys, you’re doing some fab cars and it one hell of a show!

  41. We will be holidaying from Australia and visiting Dallas on the 4th of June till the 7th June.
    Any chance of meeting the monkeys.
    We watch Gas monkey on Foxtel and record the episodes so we don’t miss any lol
    We will def be down to visit,cant wait!!
    Cheers Steve

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  42. I’m heading from Vermont to Cali this weekend to race the King of the Hammers race.. Anyone going to be around this Saturday? Thinking of making a pit stop in Dallas..


  44. my name is Matthew Hargrove I’m a big fan of your show and I’m also on my way to becoming a mechanic. I’m taking classes in school like automatically. I would like to come down some time and see the shop.

  45. Hay Richard my name is Matthew Hargrove. I.m a big fan of your show I like it a lot. I would like to come see the gas monkey grange. I’m on my way to becoming a mechanic.

  46. Hello,
    my name is Roby, I’m an Italian winemaker and I always follow your show. I would like to visit the United States, if I wanted to start from Dallas you would sell me a car for my trip ??
    I’d like to visit the Gas Monkey Garage!

  47. Hi gang, arriving from Nottingham, UK in early April. Bringing wife and daughter to see garage and shop.Hope your all well and we hoping and praying to spot 1 or 2 of you at the garage, if not maybe at your grill. Bringing 2 cold bud lights in the giant hope your thirsty richard…. hey you never know !!!!! or even a cuddle from christie,
    Thanks for reading xx

  48. Big fan of the show! Coming to Dallas next weekend and want to bring my husband down to the shop. We’re planning on taking the train to the Walnut Street/Denton Station and then walking over. Is it a safe neighborhood to walk through? Thanks!

  49. Hey guys! We are taking a family trip to Dallas this weekend and my son would love to meet yall! Any chance you guys will be around on Saturday?

  50. Holding to get to stop in real soon im so in love with the show. I might just have to hang around till yall came in Cuz I have to meet yall

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  51. Hi Richard,
    My family, and I are going to Houston for spring break March 21st – 28th. We plan on making a trip up to the Gas Monkey Garage, and the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill about mid week. We are driving down from Indianapolis Indiana. Any chance we will see you or da monkeys at either place? One of the guys I race golf carts with was on your show. I asked him to get me a Richard Rawlings sign miller light, but he didn’t. I guess that’s what I get for not flipping my drag racing golf cart. lol

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. So… maybe!

  52. My husband and I have watched and loved the show from season 1! We’ve recently moved back to Texas and have already been to the gas monkey grill…was awesome! !! Can’t wait to make it over to see the garage and hopefully some monkeys!!

  53. Hey Richard and GMG, I am isaac and live in the very deep south texas. Other than dry fa land we love our rides.Over here we have alot of hidden prized rides waiting for GMG restoration magic and never miss an episode. In long time waiting my wife and I finnaly are able to travel to the northern part of texas and first stop will be the GMG. Hope to catch a glimpse; regarless the 9 hr roadtrip will be worth visiting the best iconic hot rod gurus. Hope to be there is weekend to get some merch and support the Gas monkey grille.

  54. Awesome!! made it into the garage on Sunday got my shirt and wanted to thank Richard for the meet and greet. Went in on Sunday and sure enough he swang by. Quick photo,hand shake, stop at the grille and we were off back to the Rio Grande Valley. Key to catch him is just drop in to support the shop as much as you can and it’ll pay off. Only thing i regret didnt have a miller lite to thank Richard. Thanks again.

  55. Heading to New Orleans April 8 to 10 from Florida on the way back to Canada.
    ( 9 hours out of the way )

    Another 12 hours out of the way would be worth coming to your shop .

    Any possibly of tours ?


    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  56. we want to meet yall i have a small car lot and a crew much like yall we build wrecks and do some restoration also I recently purchased a hughe 65 fire truck to get to be on tv we’ll drive this thing 300 miles at the brisk 45mph it runs with my dog riding shotgun and my two body guys and my son riding on the back like we were going to a fire then we can auction it off on ebay and give the mone to charity or go buy lots of beer its your choice

  57. Good Morning,
    I am interesting in booking an official Gas Monkey vacation. I am researching a trip to Dallas,TX to visit GMG: Shop, Bar and Grill, and other interest.. We are very open to ideas. I have never been to Dallas before so everything will be new. Are there any packages for the Bar and grill, meet and greets, suggested Hotels, ETC?? Thank you very much!!!


    Jack Mead

    • There’s tons of cool stuff to do out here, but not packages at the BnG or Live yet. If you were coming on a night that they’re having a show you could spend the whole night out there which would be a pretty badass way to spend an evening.

  58. Hey Richard,
    Headed your way from Pennsylvania for a conference the 16 through the 19th at the Omini Convention center. First time ever in Dallas. As soon as my very awesome boss asked me to go .. I told him YES I would love to go! That’s where The Gas Monkey’s are! .. He looked at me like I had three heads. I explained to him that is was my favorite car show on TV. So I’m planning on skipping class one day so I can come to visit all of you. ( Just don’t tell my grandkids I’m skipping school .. it would ruin my perfect granny image) lol
    Looking forward to seeing you all!
    End of story.. now get that beer person to get you cold one.

    See ya soon,
    Granny Kathy

  59. We are visiting Dallas (from WI) with our son who is checking out UTI. He has been obsessed with classic cars since forever. He has been working on a 1980 firebird for the last couple years in between school and work. He paid for the car and everything in it with no help from us. He quickly learned how expensive it is to rebuild classic cars and how challenging it can be.

    Anyways, we love watching your show and there is NO we are leaving Dallas without checking out the garage and your bar and grill (and getting a T-shirt or two or three;-). Hope to catch you guys while there!

  60. Hi Gasmonkey

    I am coming to Dallas for a bachelor party May 9th I asked my Buddy on the Friday 8th I have one request Take me to Gas Monkey Garage to get some swag then go to the grill and drink a beer! (Miller Lite) Super hyped also hoping get an autograph. ps Your more than welcome to join us! I got the first round!

  61. Hello I will be traveling across country from west coast to east coast in May, and I want to see if I could stop by and pick up a shirt and maybe get it signed for my dad’s birthday present.

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  62. Wanting to our boys to garage monkey for a gift the love the show and the cars biggest fans ever..any help would be greatly appreciated

  63. Is the shop opening weekdays? We plan to make a day trip in Dallas on are way to Austin. We plant to eat at the grill and wanna stop by the shop!!

  64. Hey GMG.. i’m visiting Dallas from Michigan this 26th of May till the 30th. I’d love to stop by the garage shop and get some shirts for the ol’ lady, and of course I have to stop by the Grill for some food and beers. That place looks rockin’!! Will you guys be filming around that time? I’d love to get pics with the crew if possible.
    Side note- once i head back home, my plan is to be at the Ann Arbor autograph signing session of your book! If you’re available… could you sign my copy of your book.. and say… maybe my ’06 Ram SRT-10?? wwooOOO!!

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. So come on by! But I can’t promise you’ll get to meet any of us.

  65. hey gang , making the trip out from Australia next month for our honeymoon, and making the trip to Dallas to hopefully get to see you guys! , Have a burger at the bng and of course a beer ! Maybe meet you guys if we’re lucky ! Love the show!

  66. In Dallas for the day and just seen my motel is about 6 minutes away from the shop. Love the show we watch it all the time at work hopefully me and my family will be able to stop by

  67. hi Richard and hello Gas Monkey’s Staff!
    I follow your TV show from Florence, italy! my boyfriend is your big fan , and it would be great to meet you even just for a photo! I think we would be in Dallas in October..I really hope to meet you !
    I would would realize the dream of my boyfriend 🙂
    thank you!
    ps: there is a car that I have ever seen in a show American , my car ! Mercedes Class A from 2007 why?

  68. My husband is an avid fan of the show – he purposely scheduled training in Dallas to have an excuse to come see your shop. We are headed to the bar and grill for lunch and then to the garage today. He is like a little kid at Christmas right now he is so pumped! We love your guys’ attitudes and ambition! Hope to at least get a glance at some bad ass toys while we’re there today! Have a great summer and congrats on the show’s success!

  69. Hey their gas daughter is 9 yrs old and wld almost give anything to meet yall best yet to have a photo taken with you guys wel will be their this friday and saturday. Whats the chances she cld get a gas monkey hand shake…?..thanks on keep on keeping on monkeys

  70. just booked our winter trip, Dallas (first time heading there) and our first stop is gonna be Gas Monkey! Look out Monkeys the Canadians are coming in Dec!! Looking forward to a taste of that Monkey Tequila!!! My husband and I are. Big fans of the show! Cheers!!


  72. Hey
    Steph here the whole way from Ireland. My boyfriend is turning 30next month and I wanna surprise him with a trip to Dallas txt to come visit you guys.bwhat would be the best time of year to come visit you guys?? It will be 2016. Xx

    • Anytime! The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

    • There are always 18-wheelers up and down our street. Parking can be tricky, though. We don’t have room in our parking lot, but I’ve seen people park on the street

  73. Hi there, I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and my husband is a huge fan of Fast ‘n Loud. We are coming to Dallas in December and would like to pop into GMG. Will you guys open/ around in December? It would be a dream come true for my husband to come over and meet Richard and Aaron.

  74. I’m about to buy a 1964 1/2 Mustang… (Hey even a college kid needs his fix of cars… and Tequila). Time for a road trip down to Dallas, TX!

  75. Looking forward too a trip to Monkey garage . My daughters are also. Do. you know if you’re going to be in town this weekend (7-11-15) they want to catch a pic if you are. Keep gassing on it dude !

  76. Hey all at GMG. I’m a British Royal Marines Commando coming over to Dallas on the 14th October until the 17th for a visit. As a fan of GMG ID love to come by and visit the shop, meet the crew if there is a chance.


    • Badass! The front of the shop is open seven days a week so we’ll be here! We are a working shop so I can’t make a promise that you’ll get to meet any of the monkeys since we’re working pretty much all the time.

  77. Hey RR! Our first trip to Texas planned this Friday! We are flying in from Ohio. We plan to stop by the shop and the grill. You going to be around? daughter and I would love to meet you

  78. We’re over from Nottingham, UK for a Texas roadtrip / vacation and looking forward to visiting the shop tomorrow. We love the show and it’s got a huge following in UK.
    All my petrol-head mates are well jealous! Keep up the great work.

  79. Hey RR! Thanks for taking a few minutes Friday afternoon for the pic and meet at the shop. My daughter and I were excited meeting you. It made our day. We bought matching hats in the shop and ate at the GMBG for lunch. That was a sweet ass Mercedes you were in what model was that?
    Thanks again

  80. My dad is in town for vacation this week and is an avid fan of fast and loud he has two cars he’s working on now and figured I would prob bring him by the garage and merch shop on Friday the 7th hopefully to get lucky enough for to meet y’all before he flys back out to New York on saturday

  81. Hey Richard an Monkeys..Love Love your show..coming out to visit you guys in Dallas..just to come to visit your shop an was suppose to be a surprise from my husband but you guys are all I talk about so he couldn’t keep it from me anymore..Whooo..I’m so August 29th is the Big Day..just wondering..anything happening that day..Maybe a possible day to c Richard an the Monkey’s? ?? Would make for a Great Day..Thanks

  82. Hey RR & all at GMG, Super super excited! Booked flights to Texas today, my husband & I will flying across the pond from the UK to be in Dallas over New Year. We’re big fans of all things Fast n Loud and can’t wait to head over to the shop and GMBG. Hopefully we’ll get to meet you & the monkeys to! Keep doing what you do! It’s awesome! More demolition theatre please! 🙂

  83. I had planned on bringing my son out to eat lunch and visit the garage for his 16th birthday. He’s been feverishly trying (with the help of an uncle and a family friend) to get his 1985 Dodge pick-up up & running before “the big day”…..and I thought it’d be awesome to bring him to Dallas for some rejuvenation and inspiration.
    Will y’all be around over Labor Day weekend? Anyone at the garage since it’s a holiday?

    • Some of the guys might be here, but we’ll be filming in the back so we can’t give tours. The front of the shop (retail area) will be open. I’ll be in Indy for the NHRA races

  84. Hey I plan on being in dallas area for the nascar race in November and stopping by the shop, y’all gonna be in town and maybe get to meet some of the guys? And watching the new show right now and love it!!!!!!

  85. Like the work fellas, would love to check out the shop next time i’m in Dtown. I live in Houston. Any interest/ideas how to juice up a 2011 MB E63, and 2010 Aston Vantage Volante? Not the typical monkey car, but I’m sure you could come up with something badass??

  86. Hey Richard, we plan on being in Dallas tomorrow and will swing by for a look at the shop. My 17 year old son is thinking of a career in the auto field and he is looking forward to seeing the GMG! Maybe we will see some of you if you’re on a break from shooting.

  87. I was planning a trip to Dallas as a surprise to my boyfriend. Was wondering if you allow people in on Sundays since you don’t film. Thank you, can’t wait to see expression on his face. Actually typing this while we are sitting on the couch watching Reruns!! Thank you … Gina

    • Our insurance agreement still won’t allow people who aren’t Gas Monkey employees back in the shop area, Gina. Hope your boyfriend has a great birthday!

  88. Will be in town first Friday of Oct. I’m will have to find a way to get there and get some gmg swag. Me and step son … huge fans!

  89. Hey Richard. Are you around the shop this week? I’m down in Dallas for 2 weeks from Toronto Canada. Hoping to hit up the Gas monkey bar tomorrow night as well! Take care

    • I’ll be in town for a couple of days but then have to travel again for some buys and an appearance. The front of the shop is open 7 days a week though.

  90. Our Saturday is planned. Oct 3rd We are driving down to Kellers for lunch and then going to stop by and check out the swag and hopefully see some filming going on. It’s only a 6 hour cruise. If it was a little closer we would bring the VW bus but its a lunch run not a road trip.

  91. In dallas from chicago for training, was hoping to stop by the garage this week, i love watching the show as well as seeing how far the company has grown, its amazing to see that it all started from a little garage and grew into an empire, i must say richard as well as your team is an inspiration to all car enthusiasts all over the nation, cant wait to see it in person

  92. Heading to Texas from Alabama next week for a wedding. Gonna make a trip up to Dallas to check out GMG then go to GM Bar and Grill for lunch. Love the show, you guys are bad ass!

  93. We are fans of the show from North Dakota and will be in the Dallas area during the Christmas holidays to visit family. What are your holiday hours? We would like to do a family get-together and I thought this would be a unique location to have a family dinner out.

  94. Hey Richard, Aaron & Monkeys ☺ I am in Dallas for a few days visiting from Czech Republic. Hope you are in town, would be great to meet you. Going to check out the GMG tomorrow and since you love beer, got u a couple bottles of Czech lager ☺ Love your show ☺

  95. We are traveling in our motor home and wanted to stop by and see your shop we were wondering if we could boon dock in the parking lot close by if u knew of a place could u be so kind to let us know where for the nite thanks can’t wait to see you guys in action

  96. Hey Richard, guess I’ll get out of Oklahoma for a little bit to come down and see you guys. I know you’re really busy and come up front from time to time to shake hand and all that good stuff. Just wondering if I could bug you for a few minutes to talk. I think I’ve got an idea you might like.

  97. My wife and I plan to fly to Dallas to see our Grand Children the first weekend of December. My plan is to take my ‘Car Guy’ Grand Son to see you on either 12-4 or 12-5.
    Hope to see you

  98. Hi There Guys,
    My son Julian is a huge fan of your show over here in the UK and will not stop talking about you guys, I know it’s a bit of a long shot but it would absolutely make his Christmas if he could receive a signed photograph of you in his stocking this year,
    hope your all well and I live in hope,
    many thanks,

  99. Off for the holidays it’s time for a turn and burn road trip from missouri to dallas then back to missouri. I’m sure I won’t meet any of you but the front half of the shop and merch stand will kick plenty of ass for me.

  100. Making a special stop in Dallas just to visit GMG in January! We are from Pittsburgh PA. The husband is a big fan and we are hoping to meet some of the crew. Can anyone suggest a place to stay nearby? So excited!

    • We’re always filming in the back, so I can’t guarantee he’ll get to meet any of the monkeys, but you just never know! Hotels in Irving or downtown are probably the closest. Try Nylo or Aloft.

  101. Hi Richard my name is Manjit and we are
    Coming to Florida from England for a
    family holiday and I want to fly out to
    Dallas to meet you monkeys .
    We are going to be in Florida from 20th
    Dec to 3rd Jan are you guys going to be
    around over Christmas at the garage or
    the bar and grill , just love your show and
    be nice to meet you , please let me know
    thanks . Manjit Syan .

    • The front of the garage (retail area) will be open but the guys will still be off for their CHristmas/New Year’s break. The Bar N Grill will be open!

  102. I was just wondering I’m in Dallas for this week I was wondering if I can get merchandise at the garage in December I’m not looking to meet anyone just want some merch for myself friends an family

  103. Hi richard!

    I’m hoping you get a few minutes to read this, I’m a huge fan from the UK and my New Years resolution is to visit GMG by the end of 2016. Absolutely love the show, best motoring show on TV in my opinion! Your builds never fail to blow me away. Hopefully One day I’ll get to meet one of you guys, would be a dream come true! Any way, keep up the amazing work man, we love it!

  104. I have my future father in law coming on weekend of Feb 6th from Virginia. Will be able to stop by the garage and meet the guys or just look at all the cars?

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. So I can’t make any promises!

  105. Good evening gentlemen,
    My family are going to be in the area either this Friday or Saturday. I was wondering if you all would be around or if the merch shop is open. Thanks for your time

  106. I’ll be visiting this March. Hope I get the pleasure of meeting you. I’m a new fan. Love your style and attitude baby. You are like fine wine. Stay sexy Richard. Lots of love coming from Philadelphia ?

  107. I’m getting in town this sat night, was hoping to stop by the garage on Sunday and buy and shirt, will anybody be around? Can I drink beer in your parking lot? Love the show, keep doin what your doin.

  108. Hey all!
    Heading in from Jersey in April on a vacation with our sons! Prob the last vacation with them now that they are older. Looking forward to stopping by and maybe getting a chance to say hi. Keep up the great work. love the show!!!!!!!

  109. Yee Haa, we are on our way to Dallas right now. Over from Australia and cannot wait to see GMG and GMBG. See ya soon. Big fans….

  110. Is the shop open on Monday January 18th. MLK JR. DAY?
    it’s my birthday and I want to bring my son to see your shop
    And possibly meet the crew

  111. My daughter and I are driving across country for her Senior year spring break and was wondering if there is a better time to come to increase the chances of seeing youth at the garage. Out was her one request of places to stop. You met a friend of mine while selling the Iron Man car in Elkhart, IN.

  112. Will you be filming, and or will you all be working on another “Sweet Ride” Feb. 10th? We’re flying in from Chippewa Falls,Wisconsin which is about 10 miles from where you picked up the mustang in Colfax,WI. On our way to visit my husband who’s working on the pipeline currently being constructed between Dallas & Houston and my 12 year old who is a complete gear head would give about anything to see everyone at Gas Monkey Garage in person.

  113. My GF and I are driving our VW Corrado around the country (from NYC) and will be passing through tomorrow. Would love to stop by and get us some of that merch.

  114. We’re going to the Austin MotoGP race in April, and are flying into DFW JUST so that we can visit GMG on the Monday after! May your tires be hot and your beer cold!

    • the front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We are always filming/working in the back, but when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and say hi. So I can’t guarantee you’ll get to meet anyone, but maybe!

  115. driving thru Dallas this afternoon and was wondering what the chance was of a pic or two with you guys was? would sure like to shake the hand of your mechanical genius!!aka Aaron!!

  116. Hey hey @RR…
    What’s the schedule like this week?? Flying in from Toronto to visit the store and grab myself some merch! Any filming happenin?

  117. My Dad and I are coming to the States for a vacation from the UK. First stop is the Daytona500 but we are big fans of the show and the work of you and the team so have squeezed in a detour to Dallas specifically to stock up on GMG merch and a meal at the grill before heading back home. Hell, maybe I can persuade my Dad to pick up a car while he’s there and ship it home – he already has a 1926 Morris but I think he needs something with a bit more muscle 🙂

  118. Richard we are here in Dallas and would love to meet the whole crew my wife and kids and myself are big fans and love watching your show whatever happened to the Mustang that Jordan was test driving when that dam guy hit him…

  119. Just booked our summer holiday and first stop is Dallas, Texas to give our 16 year old son the treat of his life. He is a MASSIVE Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kauffman fan. He recently wrote an essay about you both and how he would meet you some time. His teacher was very dismissive and said he was being unrealistic. Northern Ireland may be a long way away but come July who knows!! A photograph with either or both of you would be great to take back to school in September! He is a budding designer/mechanic and is currently rebuilding his own Land Rover Defender ? Hope to see you guys in July!

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. So I can’t promise he’ll get to meet one of us, but it’s possible! All the guys duck out around 1pm for lunch, so a lot of fans are able to take pictures with them in the parking lot before they leave.

  120. Hi guys, I’m 10 years old an from Germany. Like your show very much. We see it on DMAX here.
    Cool cars, cool guys. Asked my dad to stop by next time we are in the U.S.

  121. We will be heading to Dallas during the last week in April. Will you be filming then? I understand that you don’t give tours and why, but am hoping that the front area will be open and hopefully can meet some of you.

    • The front area (retail area) will definitely be open, so come on by! Yes, we will be filming, so the back will be closed. But you might be able to meet a monkey or two!

  122. Hey Richard, I’m an active duty Marine and happen to be out in Dallas and a big fan of the show, I had the pleasure of meeting Chip Foose and got pictures before leaving California and would hope I can meet this weekend at your shop!

    • The guys don’t work on sundays. We don’t really have breaks. I mean, the guys get a lunch break from 1-2, but other than that, they’re always filming/working

  123. I am excited like a teenager at a age of 55. Going from Denmark, Europe, to Dallas almost just for being THERE! GMG and GMBnG! I can’t wait. I am arriving late from Las Vegas 3rd April and leaving 7th April evening. Which date and time would it best too pass by GMG and GMBnG? 4-7 April? 3rd May be impossible since we get DFW ground under our feets in the evening. I have seen more and more episodes of Fast n Loud during the last 12 months. I tape them. Sorry record them. Tapes? Something old fashioned! BAAM! Really hope to see more than just the GMG-shop and GMBnG. Give me donuts and loud machines. BAAM! I really like how handle cash. I worked in a bank before I got cancer in 1987. Also the F40 and the GT40 was great show. So enjoyable 🙂 BAAM! Hope for the best and fear the worst 🙂

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. So I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to meet anyone, but maybe! We’re open 9-6 Monday-Friday, 9-5 Saturday and 11-5 Sunday. You can go by GMBG anytime

  124. Hey Richard, my name is David from Glasgow in Scotland (UK). My friend is coming over to Dallas for wrestle mania and is gonna come into the shop for me to get me some merch. If possible, I would really love a signed photo from yourself and Aaron if you guys could spare the time. Myself and my friends are big fans and we watch all the shows. Keep up the great work and keep building the most awesome cars I’ve ever seen!!

  125. Richard,
    My wife’s papaw has always been a fan of yours as well as us too. He will be turning 80 this year on October 22nd. We hope he makes it this long. If we was able to get him out of his house long enough to meet yall it would really make his day and past several years. He has been diagnosed with 2 different kinds of cancer in 4 places. I know this is a lot to ask, but if it is possible to let him meet yall it would greatly appreciated. We would come up there anytime but would like to know that when we was able to get him out of the house that he would be able to meet some of yall. Maybe you can give us a call to possibly lynard make an appointment.

    Love the show keep up the good work. Yall have totally evolved into a LOT since first started.

    Pat Weldon
    817 964 5277 cell

  126. Me and the hubby will be coming to the area in a couple of weeks from Georgia and the GMG is at the top of our to-do list. So awesome to see that we might actually get to take pictures with you guys!

  127. We are looking at coming in Jan – Feb from Australia and hoping to visit your garage, how do I go about meeting all the gmg team ?

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  128. Where coming over tomorrow. Where bying Cars to ship back to belgium so we have some new projects and we really want to meet you guys. Really want to check out the shop and the machinery because we don’t have stuff like that back in belgium and we want to show how we do it back home in belgium. Grts Pieter

  129. I know that you guys are always busy doing monkey business, so I don’t expect a response. Just wondering if you still have the eighteen shades of green fast back mustang. I REALLY love that car. I will most likely never be able to afford a monkey Master piece. I am disabled from polio as a child and live on a small fixed income. But I can dream. And I did about five years ago. Thank you guys. You are the best car show in TV history!!

  130. Me and my family are coming to Dallas in August from the 8th for 3 days from the UK. My wife and I are huge fans, my daughter is going ranch riding but I am off to see GMG and the bar and grill. I can’t wait we are really excited I love the show hope to see you and the gang whilst we are in Dallas.

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is open to visitors so you can get some official gmg merch while you’re here. I can’t promise you’ll get to meet any of us because we’ll be working and filming in the back. But if you make it to the bar n grill, try the brisket grilled cheese!

  131. Richard,

    Had a chance to stop by the shop on May 7th. My son is a huge fan of you and the show
    I was able to pick up some of your stores items for his birthday! He loved your signed book! Also just wanted to let you know the staff at the shop was awesome! Very helpful and time talking about history of shop. I really enjoyed. Had a chance to pick up lunch GMG Bar & Grill! Outstanding! Planning on bring son down next time!

    Thanks Jim

  132. Hoping to bring my other half over from the UK in 2018 for his 40th birthday! He loves the thought of going to Texas, so a visit to GMG is a must!! We’re all massive fans of the show (kids included!) I’m sure we’ll be popping into the Bar & Grill for a cold one too!
    Can’t wait to see some more shows in the UK soon.

  133. Where is the new location of the garage, planning a trip but can’t find your new location only the old one.

  134. Hi We are coming over from Australia between Christmas & NY & my husband is a HUGE fan, to say the least. I was hoping you guys were open & I was wondering if I could tee up something special with you guys for his Christmas present.
    Cheers Chloe

  135. Hey Richard huge fan of the show. Aaron is one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen. You guys make the best show of TV. Wished it aired everyday with new episode. Anyways I’m in Dallas now and was wondering if you guys will be around the shop today or tomorrow. Thanks again for making some of the coolest cars and the best show on TV.


  136. I will be in Dallas May 31-June 4. What is the likelihood of getting a pic with you and the “bearded wonder”? Love the show and can’t wait to see where it all goes down!

  137. Hey Richard, I am a huge fan of the show. I am coming to Dallas for a day in June and was wondering, is there more of a selection of merchandise at the shop? Also I know this is a long shot but would it be possible for you to show me how to do some donuts? Thx

  138. I’m doing a 7 days/7cities Hot Rod Power Tour and I wanna take a picture with the bearded guy Aaron Monkey cause I’m bearded too and after that picture I’m gonna shave it
    You can record it if you want
    Ps I’ll be there in an hour
    Get ready

  139. Hey glad you allow visits. My husband finished up chemo for his cancer and we sre coming to Dallas to visit relatives. So, yea we sre most definitely stopping by. He neverisses your shoe


  140. Whoop Whoop! We are heading to Dallas 7/24-7/30. My 11yr old daughter is insistent we come by so she can meet Richard and Charles! 🙂 Hopefully we will get lucky and you all will be puttering around.

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. So I can’t promise she’ll be able to meet me and No-Sleeves, but hopefully! Have a great trip!

  141. Another Swede is in town now and will visit both garage and then the bar for a cold… what’s best doing it this weekend or beginning next week? thinking about crowds…

  142. I’m drinking in from fayetteville arkansas Sunday be in town for 2 days hoping I can get a chance to meet the monkeys Monday ready to get some real gas monkey merchandise not the crap that Walmart sells here GYSOT!

  143. Are y’all gonna be around on Aug. 6th? It’s my hubbys bday and I want to surprise him with a visit and of course some merchandise. He is a huge fan! Also planning on going to the Grill for dinner!

  144. Look forward to seeing the shop and grill. Leaving Melbourne Australia in a couple of weeks and we are definitely dropping in! Thanks too for the great show. If we don’t see you there, it has been a fantastic motivator for me and great entertainment for our family over the years we have had the pleasure to watch it.

  145. i will be traveling through Dallas on Monday Aug 22 on our trip across the country to move. this will be a stop for sure (one for my bucket list). Cant wait to see the shop and cars hopefully some day i will be able to have y’all build me a car since i will be moving closer!! hopefully yall are on break from filming and i can meet some of you.

  146. My girlfriend is taking me here for my birthday October 13th to the shop, bar and grill and gas monkey live to see my favorite band Parkway Drive @dougiesuicide @suicidespeedshop

  147. My name is Tracey Williams and I am from myrtle beach sc I am coming to Texas Sept 10to 17will u all be open around that time so I can pay a visit ty

  148. Hi
    We will be in Dallas next Saturday for NASCAR on Sunday and wanting to know if you will be open so we can stop by for pictures and get some gear!!!!!!
    Thank you
    Kodie Berend

  149. My husband is a huge fan and next year we are having a holiday in Florida, I’m organising a trip to see you guys and have a bite to eat in your gas monkey grill. What’s the best days to visit garage on? And are you doing any uk trips in near future. Big gas monkey fans

  150. Hey Gas Monkey! My name is Anton and I have come all the way from Sweden to Dallas! Me and some friends are hoping to come by your place this Saturday, maybe we can meet some of you guys!
    Awesome show!

  151. This comment is for Aaron. Is there anyway to get an autograph? Didn’t see anything in the gift shop. Would love to meet but I know that’s asking a lot. (Asking for my husband, not me.) Your his hero and I want to surprise him. (He is a mechanic and buying tools is getting old especially when the Snap on truck goes to his work.) I know this is a long shot, but thought I would try…

  152. I love the show richard! trying to get a week off of work to fly to texas and see the shop and bar and grill! i know we wont get to see the shop but what are the odds we get to see you, the monkeys, or christy?

    • The front of the shop is the retail area, and that’s open to visitors. You might get to see the guys filming in the parking lot. And when they get filming breaks, they try to go up front to meet the fans and take pictures. The guys usually leave for lunch around 1, which is a good time to catch them in the parking lot for a photo.

  153. hi Richard just wanted to say you are my husbands man crush hes not gay but u are also his hall pass lol. We are from Australia and his bucket list is to come and see where you film and to get a gas monkey t shirt and drink a beer at your bar. He has your show series linked so he can sit with a beer on the weekend and watch your shows…. he loves you. i must say that your show has got me into cars and even my 11 yr old daughter loves your show.. so our next trip from oz is to come and visit . remember the name ” craig from Australia” because we are coming hopefully next year. kind regards catherine . saving starts today

  154. Hello my son is in Dallas going to gas monkey bar and grill Tuesday he wants to stop at your garage to talk to the monkeys he is a builder like you guys is there a way to talk to you guys he is a great kid there for school this week

  155. Going to be dropping by Gas Monkey tomorrow around noon February 24th coming from Lead Hill, Arkansas hoping to catch the Monkeys there. We are down for the NCA cheer Nationals at Dallas this weekend. We haven’t missed a show since you started. Thanks

  156. G’day mate , my names dan and I’m from Australia. My family and i are travelling over to Texas around November this year , and we were wondering if you do shop tours ? Big fan of the show , hope to hear from you soon.

    • We don’t do tours, but you can see a few of the cars in our new merchandise shop as well as a live feed to what the Monkeys are working on. Hope to see you in November!

  157. Just booked a trip to DFW in April 2018 as a surprise for my partners 30th Birthday, he has no idea!!!! We are big fans from the UK, it’s a long way away yet but worth the wait to see his face. I know you guys film all day but hopefully we will catch you guys and you won’t mind us bothering you for a photo on your break!

  158. Im surprising my new husband a trip to your shop in 2 weeks. He watches your show religiously. I love the show too. My dream one day is to surprise him with a truck from Gas Monkey. Well, we love the show and cant wait to stop by next week. Were driving from Chester IL, home of Popeye the Sailor Man. Keep the tires burning! See you soon.

  159. Hello….My Boyfriend and I watch all of your shows…We are big fans of Gas Monkey Garage….We live in Missouri and will be coming though Dallas Texas in July on vacation….It would add so much to our 1st vacation together to be able to stop and see some donuts and action in the parking lot and a picture with you would be sweet…Also can’t wait to purchase some merchandise while we are there….Really wanting a Gas monkey Tee or tank…..when would be the best time to come by?

    • It’s really hit or miss depending on everyone’s busy schedules, but Friday afternoons things tend to wind down around here. Look forward to seeing you!

  160. Hi All!
    I wanted to know if it was possible to stop by your location the week of July 4th? I have a client that I am working with looking to surprise her husband with a visit to your garage. Please, advise to that I can let them know when would be a good time to stop by, Looking forward to your response.
    Thank in Advance

    • Hi! The latter half of the holiday week would be best to try and catch everyone in action since we will also break for the holiday. However, we don’t offer any type of public tour, but have our merchandise shop which also features show memorabilia.

  161. Hi it said that you guys some times come in to the merch store during fimling breaks if I come in on a sunday will you be in the merch store.

  162. Hey Richard
    Can we see you somewhere on Sunday and take a picture with you.
    And des kc keep the frankestiened ford at his paint shop or home because I want to see it someday.

  163. Hey RR. Coming over from New Zealand with a couple of mates. You guys still open to say hi? Is there any good bars nearby?

    • Merch store is open everyday, the garage Monday-Friday, but not open to public; however, Richard and the monkeys usually come out and say hi. Gas Monkey Bar N Grill is only a mile from the garage!

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