The “King T” – 1913 Ford Model T Custom Roadster Is at Gas Monkey Garage

“People were asleep and I stole it!” That’s how Richard Rawlings describes how he bid and won the car that’s known at The “King T” at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016.  The “King T” was designed and built by Don Tognotti and Gene Winfield over a two-year period from 1962 to 1964. If you’re unfamiliar with Tognotti and Winfield, they’re absolute legends in the custom hot rod world and to have this car at Gas Monkey Garage is an absolute honor.

Rod & Custom Magazine - June 1964
Rod & Custom Magazine – June 1964


The “King T” was a 1964 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) trophy winner and became the inspiration for a Hot Wheels Redline edition car called the “Hot Heap Roadster”. The car was restored in 2007 and repainted to match its original Wild Lavender Pearl color by Gene Winfield himself and features a 327 Chevy mated with a Hydramatic transmission.  Unfortunately, the car’s original Hilborn fuel injection system was replaced by a simple carburetor system during the 2007 restoration.

Hot Wheels - Hot Heaps Roadsters
Hot Wheels – Hot Heap Roadsters


One of the coolest features on this car is the independent rear suspension. John from wrote a fantastic piece on the chrome-plated rear suspension and how revolutionary it was at the time for hot rod builders from California. According to the article, it was in 1961 that Jaguar introduced the first car to employ an independent rear suspension, and 99% of these suspensions were under Jaguars at the time the “King T” was built in 1964.


As many of you have seen on social media, Richard brought the car to the Celebrity Car Show at Gas Monkey Live this past Saturday, and not many people, if any, knew what a special car the “King T” is.  We’re looking forward to seeing what Richard’s plans are for the car, but I’m hoping it stays around for a while.


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  1. Hey, was watching Gas Monkey Garage an saw the 1913 Model T in back ground an quickly grabbed my dad…..he owned that car for about 15 years (most of my childhood) …would love to talk about it….I used to polish that Chrome chassis on the weekends while my dad fiddled with pieces in boxes…trying to put back together…great memories..he sold it unfinished to pay for my sisters wedding an never got to see the finished product!

    • Hi Jason – Thanks for your comment. I don’t believe we have a 1913 Model T in our inventory. We still have the 1931 Model A from Season 1 Episode 1. If you have any questions re: our current or past inventory – please reach out to [email protected] – Thanks!

  2. The King T color is fabulous. I am building a 34 roadster and would appreciate a response advising the color name, brand, number, etc. I want this color for my hot rod.
    Oren Summer

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