Why Has No One Talked About This Major Issue In Fate Of The Furious?

Finally, being able to rent Fate of the Furious this week, I sat down to eagerly learn their… fate. While much has already been said about the absurdity surrounding the eighth instalment of the franchise, there is one major issue that no one seems to be addressing; WHAT IS WITH THE HANDHELD WALKIE TALKIES?

Fate of the Furious

Fate of the Furious

Aside from portraying a visual that makes the whole thing seem dated back to the VHS era, they plain make no sense. Are you putting it down every time you need to shift or hit the NOS or fire a missile? Is there just a loose walkie floating around in the passenger seat next to them 90% of the time? Or during these crazy driving scenes are we just to accept that Tyrese has a walkie jammed between his legs? All of this could be solved by a headset like in every other action movie of the modern era.

Fate of the Furious


  1. Those walkie talkies shown in the these photos are the kind that pop out of the inside of those gloves on demand and then disappear when no longer used! They are almost as impressive as the Lamborghini door that popped off and was used as a sled!

  2. I loved how ridiculous this movie was. The army of self driving cars was hysterical! Especially since most of them were ten year old vehicles that will never be self driving. Their choice of vehicles to drive on the ice was so funny too. Definitely one of the best movies in the franchise. Tough to compete with #5 in my book, but this is a close second. Damn, but I love the ridiculousness…. They went out of their way to make this as fun as they could. It’s just pure entertainment that you totally have to turn your brain off in order to enjoy.

  3. It’s a movie! Fantasy. Fiction. Not a true story. Escape reality, get lost in it and enjoy. Who died and made y’all siskel and ebert. Lolol

  4. What y’all aren’t thinking about is the fact that they aren’t run on micro chips that would be fried by the EMP that Don has in the charger! Dah! Anyone that knows about EMPs and they way they work would know this! But all the chip controlled cars( Lamborghini) wouldn’t work either, but I’m sure the black ops group encased the computer in a faraday cage to insulate the discharge! Come on guys! Watch discovery once in a while!

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