Will The Hennessey Venom F5 Become The Fastest Production Car?

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Koenigsegg shattering production car records recently has spawned conversation about whether or not the Hennessey Venom F5 is actually faster…

The Venom F5 is named for the strongest tornado on the Fujita scale, an F5, and with a twin turbo V8 engine putting out approximately 1,824hp it’s aptly named. For the sake of comparison the Agera RS produces 1,360hp from its 1MW engine. The curb weight is also in favor of the F5’s 2,950lbs to the Agera RS’s 3,075lbs.

Tried and true the Agera RS has a top speed of 277.87mph and a 0-400-0km/hr time of 33.29 seconds, both records. On the flip side the Venom F5 is awaiting official runs, but Hennessey claims a 301mph top speed and an under 30 second 0-400-0km/hr time. Given that Hennessey has proven their performance time and time again there is no reason to doubt these numbers and then again they would have to be off by an insane margin to not at least beat the Agera RS even if they ultimately aren’t met.


  1. Writer messed up on the weight of the cars. Agera RS is 1395Kg OR (3,075lbs.) But the F5 is 2,950lbs NOT Kg. So the F5 is actually lighter.

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